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Cool Re: Buying farm land / tarla under 10.000m2 with foreign passport

Originally Posted by ThomasP View Post
Thanks guys for all your useful insights! I'm also looking for finished projects IbrahimAbi, if something fitting to us comes up we're ready to jump on it!

Lol Spurs your stories about projects always sound like a lot of baby sitting. I was planning to hire a guy to do all the managing for me but slowly I'm keen on doing it myself (instead of arriving at the house one day and stuff being all over the place )

Thanks so much to everyone!
50 TL / sq meter seems seriously excessive to me. 100,000 TL for 2,000 sq meters is waaaay too much. Find another place, half that or less would be on the outer edge of reasonable.

Go to a part of the country that you want to live. Rent a place to live. Start looking and asking, do not buy until you are absolutely certain that you have found your dream location. That takes time, 6 to 12 months is not a lot of time to invest in what might cost you hundreds of thousands of currency.

If your wife is Turkish she can help you talk direct to owners and possibly eliminate the need for an emlak and make sure the price the owner wants is the price you are quoted. Some emlaks do not want buyers and sellers to meet, there is a reason, so beware those who refuse to let you meet the seller, they are probably raking the difference off between what the owner actually wants and what you are quoted. Happens a lot.

"My wife's cousin (turkish real estate guy) told her that after buying the farm land, we have to plant and register every tree on the land within 2 years."
It is my understanding that this is not true IF you submit a building plan for your house. It is either/or for foreigners buying tarla, either an agricultural purchase or a personal home purchase (with approved plan submitted and duly stamped, etc. etc.)

If your wife is Turkish put it in her name only (if you trust her).

Others have said it, keep family out of this business, you will have problems you do not want.

Once you buy a place and start construction be on site every day!

Watch BBC Grand Designs and see how NOT to do projects.

No matter who supervises the construction for you, no matter how honest and willing to please they are, someone, somewhere, will screw up. This is not just true for Turkey.

NEVER pay for anything up front, never!

When constructors/contractors come to you for money, make them account for every item purchased, demand receipts. No receipt, no pay. It is best if you go with them to buy materials. Make them shop around, some stores have "favourite" contractors, and vice-versa, there is a reason for that.

Labour should get paid only for work already accomplished to your satisfaction.

Tools needed for construction that you pay for are yours, keep track of them and do not let them take them when they go unless they pay for them.

Why not look into pre-fab wooden, or better yet, steel-frame houses? They are in various cities around the country and will deliver to a home site and put the pieces together. Most will also lay the foundations and give guidance to water, sewage, and electricity hook ups. Take a look at container homes, there are several companies in Istanbul who make quite nicecustom-build pre-fab homes. Eliminate the hassles and hazards of concrete built homes by local contractors, few of them have insulation for example nor are designed for flow-through ventilation, most builders know how to put concrete boxes together, but not do well with custom projects.

Good luck.
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