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Cool Re: Computer Security Simply Explained

Originally Posted by bickern View Post
I will not negate the post you made ME as the advice is sound, it's just that other systems apart from Windows are at risk and I am not too sure anyone reading may have taken note or noticed that it covered other systems. (I am sure you slipped the Windows references in accidently)

Hmm, I could go on but I only mention it to be a bit more informative re other systems than Microsoft ones, because as other systems are getting more popular they are being attacked more, and those on other systems are being led into a false sense of security. Windows is also getting tighter so some of the stuff trawled off the internet is no longer as relevant.

Everyone needs to be on the ball, especially as more and more are embracing the internet. If anyone sits there thinking they don't need protection cos they don't run Microsoft then they are a fool waiting in the wings to be infected.
I did not "slip" in the Windows stuff. All of the information I posted was from the author of the article. He is an admitted Linux user and makes that clear in his full article.

I try to post relevant excerpts and usually do not post an entire article unless it is short. For those who really care about the contents of an excerpted article they would be well advised to follow the links to the original article.

My point of posting security articles is not to bash any particular operating system. I have made it clear that I believe a well-installed Linux system is more secure than Windows but we have banged that back and forth in other forums. Microsoft has made great strides toward security in the last few years. Unfortunately, security technology is still way ahead of its user base.

The loose nut behind the keyboard is the biggest problem. We all have to practice heightened awareness and not just click on any link that comes to our attention and do NOT, under any circumstances open that zip or EXE file that a neighbour or friend or granny sent you. Their email may have been hijacked and a hacker is attempting to get you to do their dirty work for them.

I still get emails from people I know, or who, for whatever reason, have my email address in their contacts/address book. These emails have either attachments or links in them to web pages. I show the full headers in the message and can see that it does not come from the email address in the "Reply To." If Gmail or Yahoo or some other major mailer is being used I send the full message with headers showing to their admin. I also write whomever it is who was hacked and let them know. This has happened three times now with my next-door neighbour and she claims each time that her son has fixed the problem. She, of course, is still using Win XP

You wrote "The big weakness being targeted at the moment are browsers. Phony "tech support" / "ransomware" popups and web pages." Thanks for adding to the discussion, you underscore again the point, that users are the main problem for the transmission of malware.

XcodeGhost was a good example of Apple not doing what good website admins, should do, protect those who use the services of that website. Most malware problems, for any OS, are because of shoddy or lax administrative care to servers. No app on any app store should be allowed to be posted without thorough testing by administrators and assistants. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Therefore good and regular backups of any data considered is essential.
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