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Re: Nail the tax dodgers.

Originally Posted by RIK View Post
It is possible and quite legal not to pay UK Tax if you live abroad, We have lived in Turkey for twelve years and held two by five year residence permits. You are then allowed to apply for a Non Resident Status. You apply to your Tax Office in the UK and ask for a Non Resident Application form. When received you complete and send to a certain man in the Turkish tax office in Ankara. he will sign this,adding that you are libel to pay tax in Turkey.
This is then returned to you and you send it off to your lo your local tax office in the UK.

Both my wife and an English friend now pay no UK Tax except at the Bank of course ( UK ) Ian.
Thanks Ian, quite true.... Except of course for those of us, like my wife and myself, who have a pension from their work in public service (and I note that mine was self-funded, currently 11% and I paid for 37 years), who are and continue to be denied the same rights. For us, who have what is referred to as a Gov't pension (despite the fact that the Gov't has never added even 1p to mine) are required to pay tax at source in the UK, even if we have a non uk resident status.

To add insult to injury, once we have been out the the UK for a very short time (a month if you have benefits -thankfully I don't) we are not allowed to access any Uk provided services, including DLA, PiP, NHS or any form of Social Care or Education support.... In short, we have to continue to pay for something we can't use..
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