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Normally Ivy; buying procedure steps follows as:

* Decide a property to buy
* Solicitor + translator for the agreement between buyer and seller £150 + £50
* Notary + translator for Power of Attorney £30 + (£30 - £50)
* Application to Land Registy Office (Office Sends you to Council Office)
* 1/5000 scale map from Cadastre Office £10
* 1/25000 scale cadastral map and kadastral coordinates from engineer £0 - £40
* Council office charge £100
* Application to Military check FREE (Land Registy Office Applies)
* Application results 0 - 3 Months approx.
* Registering the deed on your name - 3% of the value stated between the buyer and seller (traditionally buyer pays 3% unless agreed to share)
* Agent's commission 3% of the price
* Earthquake insurance £35 for a property of £15,000 (You only can register your insurance with an insurance agent - can be official or private agent not the Land Registy Office)
* Water connection registry £30
* Water meter £20 - £60 regarding the quality and brand
* Electricity connection registry £40
* Electricty Meter £20 - £70 regarding the quality and brand
* Electrical system check £20 - £40 (Electricity Distrubition Company requires a confirm from the electrician who fitted the system - Electrician charges this amount) For the name transfers for existent water and electricity connections: water£15 and electricity £25
* Also under the name of Government tax, stamp duties, photocopies, mailing charges and service fees of the clerk appointed to follow the process by the agent. £100
* If you have a Turkish Power of Attorney you will not need a translator in Land Registy Office. Otherwise as a Legal Office Land Registy provides one included in 3%.

I think these are the answers. If anything I have missed please tell me.
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