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Re: Taking car into Turkey

I am not sure how helpful this will be to you but you asked for other people's experiences.
We left Turkey on the 2nd June 2016 having been in Turkey for 3 months. Despite the 2 year rule having been introduced the border guard in March 2016 had asked when we intended to leave, I thought it was a polite enquiry and said around first week in June and passport stamped 4th June 2016! I did not pursue it we were in!
The car we were using at that time was my wife's.
We returned to Turkey around the 28th September 2016 but in a different car now in my name. I had looked carefully at the 185 day rule and discovered that one looks back 1 year from the date of entry, thus in my case 28th September 2015 and I had been out 185 days. Naturally I photocopied the information formation regarding the guidance on 185 days and had all my dates on entry and departure noted!
This time when they asked when I intended to leave I said sometime in April, to deliberately be over 6 months. My passport has now been stamped for the car till September 2018.
I am assuming that the 185 day rule won't apply to me until 2018 but who knows!
As an aside we both have 5 year residency permits and decided to ignore the previous 120 day rule, on the basis that if there was a problem we would buy a 90 day visa at the border. We come to Turkey for 6 months at a time and never had a problem. Low and behold the 120 days has disappeared albeit for residency permits after August 2016 (I believe) but the popular thought seems to be that the whole thing has gone by the board.
It seems such a gamble when you turn up at the border, sometimes it seems they don't want my tourist money!
It was my own ignorance but if I had known all the pitfalls when I first purchased my villa, despite the fact I love Turkey, I would never have purchased a property in Turkey.
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