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Re: NHS & Social Care in Crisis!

Originally Posted by tintagel View Post
Should UK spend significant amounts of the 'Foreign Aid Budget' on our ill & elderly?

Having been subjected to the trauma of SS & LA Vulture Culture that has become prevalent over the last few years & looking at the obscene waste of billions given to crackpot schemes & Governments, the only answer from me is Yes!

Raising Council Tax will Not address the problem, it will exacerbate it! The poorer an area is the less they are able to raise in Council Taxes (Poll Tax!). How the hell is putting more pressure on specific sectors going to improve anything!

"Council bosses say they need an extra £1.3billion to fund the care sector, which faces a rapidly ageing population, wage rises and budget cuts. Tory backbenchers point out this amount is equal to the slice of the £12billion aid budget that Britain sends to Brussels to spend on our behalf.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said: ‘Charity begins at home and we should make sure we are spending enough on social care for our vulnerable older and disabled constituents before we send money abroad – especially when so much of that is wasted."

MPs demand foreign aid billions are switched to tackle the social care crisis | Daily Mail Online

Parents draw up legal plans so care home fees don't eat into child's inheritance | Daily Mail Online

Spot on T.
I’m not a complete idiot. Some pieces are missing.
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