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Re: 4K Tv

Originally Posted by bickern View Post

It's his own Kodi build, so you can buy a box and put a free build on such as Areswizad and Pulse and get everything he offers, but you will have to do everything yourself, if you want a set up system and support then KLIXX may be the way to go.

Tonks does have a good reputation though and offers true support. I know 3 people that use him and all praise him for the support he gives. He has Facebook and you can message him on it I gather, but as I have not used myself I can't really comment.
Quite correct Norman. I have tried a couple of these boxes. Whilst they can be good I have found that the almost constant updating by some of the service providers means that the system needs pretty constant attention. Unfortunately the support from some systems is poor or nonexistent. By contrast, the Klixx system is constantly supported and like your mates experience, I have only heard good things about them. Just need to be clear that Tonks and Klixx split a while back and both now operate as separate companies. I have no experience of Tonks, so can only comment about Klixx.

Hope this is helpful.
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