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Re: Taking car into Turkey

Originally Posted by Abzlad View Post
This will be one of my final posts on this matter and I have cleared some things up. I will do a quick recap.

I entered Turkey in my UK car that had never been here before and I had not been to Turkey for 18 months previously around 13th February 2016 on a tourist visa. They stamped my car until Mid August 2016. Around March I applied for a one year residence visa and they extended my car visa stay until 2nd March 2017, same as my residence visa and sigorta (Turkish insurance).

I left Turkey with my car around 4th October 2016. That's around 8 months. I returned with the same car on 5th January 2017. I was NOT turned away at the border but my passport was stamped with a date for the car to leave 5 days later, 10th January 2017. This is the reason why:

The 5 days is automatically given as its for Transit purposes, as if you were driving across Turkey to another country. The previous 185 day rule still counts unless you are RETIRED, with documents that prove that. I am not retired.

I went to the the customs and they explained what will happen. If my car stays beyond 10th January the first months fine will be around 94TL, when I drive out if I do so within one month of 10th January 2017. Then the fine is double for a second month. Even upto the 10th April you will be fined 560TL. AFTER 10th April, that is three months from the date that the car should have left, everything changes. You will be fined a maximum of around 560TL. That is all good if you NEVER want to return to Turkey and have no properties here as you will get a court summons to pay a hefty fine running into 1000's of lira. In my case 7000TL approximately for allowing the car to stay three months plus more than when it should have left. This figure is based on a percentage of what Turkey values the car at which we all know is greater than the UK value. So beware.

My options are:

Take the car out of Turkey before 10th April and pay the 560TL fine when I leave.

Hopefully take the car to Dalaman customs around 8th April, pay 15TL per day then collect the car a day before I leave and get my belongings and drive out of Turkey and pay the 560TL fine plus Dalaman customs storage costs.

Keep the car beyond 10th April, drive out whenever and pay the 560TL fine and never return to Turkey.

What I have also learnt is if you come to Turkey without a car, you can stay for however long your visa allows, three months, one year etc... You can go back to the UK and come back the following week with a car no problem. The 185 day rule does not apply. It's only if you were previously here with a car.

If you are retired or a student the 185 day out of Turkey previously, car rule does not matter, if you had already been to Turkey with that car, and when you return the time you spent out of Turkey will be added on to either what ever remaining days you have left on your visa up to an accumulated time of 730 days. Whatever finishes first.

If I had left Turkey back in October 2016 without my car then returned on 5th January 2017 as I did then I would have had no problem. The leave date for the car would have stayed as 2nd March 2017 and I then could have extended that further until my new residence permit expired in 2018.

I am 41 so cannot be classed as retired. If you want to return to Turkey in a car that's previously been here and you have not been outside of Turkey with the car for more than 185 days then you will get the 5 days transit extension. If you intend to stay more than three months with the car then beware of the loomimg court case. If three months or less then you will still pay the fine upto 560TL.

Good luck all
Thanks Abzlad for this helpful post. Just a few questions which are relevant to my situation..
1. I am retired and in receipt of UK state pension.

2. My wife is retired , 59 years old and not in receipt of UK state pension.

3. We hope to go to Turkey in Feb17 by car. That car is registered to my wife but the car insurance policy is in my name.

4. The green card we get from our UK insurer for Turkry matches the fully comprehensive cover we have in the UK. This green card specifically covers car travel in Turkey for 10 weeks.

5.The green card specifically names both my wife and I as being covered by this green card.

6. The car we will be taking last exited Turkey on 29th June 2016 . So it will have been out of Turkey for well over 185 days.

1. Does the fact that this car has been in Turkey 5 times previously affect entry under the new rules.

2. Does the 185 day rule apply to the car or the registered owner or both? I was driving
when we last entered and exited Turkey in 2016 but the car entry was registered in my wife's passport presumably because the car registration document is in her name (although she was the passenger on this occasion). My passport had no car entry stamped - would this have allowed me to enter Turkey within 185 days - in a different car? I have had differing opinions on this - some saying yes and some saying no. We decided to play safe and wait for the 185 days to comfortably pass before going to Turkey again .
Why oh why does the Turkish govt bring in rules like this I ask myself. I don't have an answer - does anyone?
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