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Re: Martin McGuinness

I've had the odd disagreement with certain folk about the man\The Troubles. I asked a guy , what would you do if your community was under attack? And make no mistake , the Catholic people were under attack. The rigs in the North Sea are full of ex squaddies and I'll never forget years ago offshore an older guy telling me about his tour with the Black Watch. Still traumatised him and he bought himself out as soon as he could. What got him badly was that the orders to do what they did came from high above. He mentioned the shooting of an innocent young kid by a pyscho Corporal being the last straw for him. Our Government of the time were up to their necks involved with terrorists from the other side who were just as ruthless if not more. We need to look at who actually started the bombing. Look up the Dublin and Monaghan bombing. Our Government were involved in that and there too much evidence for them to deny it. Yes , McGuiness was a terrorist. But did way more for the peace process than any of our lot and probably helped to save a shed load of lives by eventually getting round the table with people who were linked to the torment people in his community were subjected to.
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