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Re: apollon holiday village

Absolutely, don't make this easy for the canuks, every one
With a tapu should insist on your own copy of the canuks management plan, they have to provide a copy if asked, by law, if they don't provide you with
A copy , take your tapu to the tapu office and pay for a copy there , it will only cost a couple of lira . If they are a legal committee they would have to have filed
A plan by law.
And then ask what your maintenance is going to provide, again and l can't emphasise this enough , the maintenance money belongs to you not the canuks,
It's paid collectively to maintain the complex not to run BMW's and Audi's, ask yourselves up until now where has the money been spent , the answer , on practically nothing , oh a couple of gardeners ,a bit of chemicals in the pool but apart from that , nothing , now nothing is going to cost you more,apart from anything, you shouldn't
Be paying for the pools , in fact those of you that paid your maintenance last year should get a refund because the pools weren't open, apart from august and
Even then l believed there was a couple of days the pool was green, the chuckle brothers
are there to extract money from you , as dire straits put it "Money for Nothing"
But unfortunately no drinks for free.
Also ask yourselves would you be handing over this sort of cash in the UK and get nothing in return, please think long term and the safety of your properties,
Turkey is an unpredictable place at the moment and l can't see it getting better anytime soon, l still believe there are still quite a few tapu's to be issued, that alone is criminal, phase 3 still has no habitation , you need to ask yourselves "WHY", phase 3 properties will not gain in value before everyone has a tapu and the habitation has been granted, you must have seen that all those properties that have been sold , have been sold at a loss, unless you get to grips with this situation now and get rid of the Canucks , property values will decline on the complex, if you leave things as they are , once the realisation hits you and you want to sell , you will be selling at a pittance
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