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Re: Martin McGuinness

Originally Posted by cork laurence View Post
So he used to be a terrorist, but he hasn,t had anybody murdered for a few years, so he,s now going for sainthood. With attitudes like that, is it any wonder that theres,s still trouble bubbling under the surface!
The same can be said about another chap. African fellow. Nelson sumfin. Look , he was not an angel and will not be getting a sainthood any time soon. It was dark times then and terrible things were done on both sides. Our wonderful Government decided they couldn't fight on both fronts and picked a side. Joined up covertly with the UVF etc. So now the Catholic community had both the UVF etc and the British Army to contend with. Ask yourself what you would have done if your family and your community faced what these people were facing. Awful times and the Governments hands were just as dirty and managed get theirs dirty first. Just for anyones info , I'm a Jock. A proddy Rangers supporter to boot. But I'm also a fanatical amateur historian who likes to delve into the the stuff the British schools won't teach you. I also worked over and lived in NI. I have good friends from both sides of the divide. The version our wonderful Government sponsored media gave us is waaaaay , waaay short of what actually happened.
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