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Re: How was your experience of doing business in Turkey

Originally Posted by rafiki View Post
During the two years that I lived in Altinkum I succesfully ran my own 'Property management and rental company' (albeit illegally) on my own as I was not prepared to have a Turkish person as a partner or involved in my business in anyway what so ever.
Also during this time I owned 50% of the 'Didymian' newspaper for a period of 4 or 5 mths, Built 4 or 5 websites for various businesess and helped out at an estate agents for a while.
In my experience I found it to be extremely frustrating when working together with Turkish people for various reasons:
1..They can't accept that part of being professional involves NOT coming accross as desperate to every potential customer that calls,walks past or into their office.
2..They insist on allowing their wives and children to sit around in their office as if it's their living room at home, playing games on their computers, having afternoon naps on the furniture and having their friends round for tea!
3..They ask for your help and advise on how they could improve their business and then continue to do things in exactaly the same way that they have always done it..Bit like feeding caviar to pigs (waste of time!!)
4..They have it in their heads that British people have all got money and if they havn't they can just go back to the UK and get some more.
5..The vast majority of Business owners in Altinkum have no experience of living in a European country and have no real idea of how the British mind really works.
6..Very few are qualified or have the experience in the business that they are working in.

I personally found it difficult to work together with Turkish people without falling out with them but saying that I find that difficult with anybody!!
it's quite funny somebody who is here to give moral attitudes about Turks also is admitting ''he worked illegal in Turkey '' maybe there is reason you are living in Bulgaria now , '' You think that you would be allowed to do that in Uk I don't think so somehow ,by the way you sound so professional we wonder how we could let you immigrate from Turkey to some other countries where you could continue your various works (it is a big loss ) no wonder you didn't work with Turks, I for one think that Turks must find it difficult to work with you ...
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