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Re: I am telling you I am innocent

Originally Posted by Neil_Denizli View Post
To allow a liar into Westminster? Wouldn't that undermine the integrity of our parliamentary system?
Like that Neil...... yeah

I don't know the details in this case but on the face of it I have to sympathise with this woman.
During the course of 60 years of driving I have been wrongly targetted by the filth. When I was a youngster setting out on a lifetime of driving we used to refer to them as fascista.
Two occasions come to mind. I was working in Stanford Lincs. and lodging in a pub. I used to park opposite the pub next to a side road turning and returned to my car in the morning to find a fine notice on my windscreen. The offence was labled as parking within 15 metres of a junction. I objected but had to pay the fine anyway. I had to laugh whilst working in central London and leaving my car in a parking meter bay which was within 15 metres of a junction.
During the eighties as more and more traffic cameras were being installed in London I was snapped turning into York Way from Euston Road. What happened was as follows, a single decker bus was on the bus stand outside the station close to the junction. Another single decker pulled up beside the first bus. As I passed the two buses to make the left turn the inside bus pulled away from the pavement as I was turning, causing the bus to slam on his brakes. A cop seeing all this pulled across me in York way and gave me a ticked for driving without due care and attention together with a seven day wonder. I contested it and the police issued a snap shot which they said proved I was in the wrong. Persuing the case at great expense in terms of money and time it turned out there was footage on a video which proved my case.
The case and the fine were dropped but I received neither compensation nor an apology.

Things aren't always what they seem !

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