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Leaving car in Turkey


I'm planning on driving to Turkey this September and have a fairly good idea about route, paperwork ....etc

My question is around how we can own a car from the UK and be able to drive in Turkey even when I'm away (will be flying back and forth)

My questions are:

1) I need to travel (by air) from Istanbul to London and back, my understanding is that the car will need to stay somewhere with customs, where is this place? is it in the airport? how do I get to it?

2) Can I have the car in my wifes name (but she won't be in the car when I enter, she will already be in Turkey) so that she still has the car when I'm away? If so how will it be stamped on her passport? can it maybe be transferred to her while in Turkey for example?

3) I have conflicting information on how long the car can remain in Turkey, is it 6 months every year? can I just go and get a different car every 6 months? This way I won't have to buy a car in Turkey and pay 5 X what the car is worth in the UK.

Many thanks in advance for the help
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