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Re: Advice about Mobile phone

I hope some of this may help some people:

To call Turkcell Customer Care on: +90 212 4440532 from UK.

- If you dont load Kontors for 90 days, outgoing calls are barred.
(when abroad you can still receive calls).
- If you dont load Kontors for 180 days, SIMM will be barred for incoming calls.
- If you dont load Kontors for (210 days), your line will be disconnected.
To check how many units you have type *123# and send.

If you have Kontor card dial *122*[the number on the counter card]#, or call 8090 to load units. (you can call 8090 if you choose an operator that supports Camel Tecnology and it costs 20 units. Just under 6 months later, put the kontors on in the UK - therefore saving losing your number. As long as you make a call in Turkey within 6 months on a UK mobile then you will keep the number, but you still have to top up before the 6 months is up even if you make a call.

To load units with 16-digit Credit card, subscribe to 'Kontor Hattı' service.
Call +90 532 755 888 to subscribe (27 YTL a year)

To load Units with Internet banks: Garanti Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Denizbank, HSBC Bank and Asya Finans, too.

To load units using 'Online Services' center (Turkcell website) with a Credit card using our '3D secure password'. (Akbank, İş Bank, Garanti Bank, HSBC, İş Bank, TekstilBank and VakıfBank only)
================================================== ==============
Registering a UK Mobile Phone in Turkey:

Your mobile from UK must be registered to be used in Turkey.
To do this, you must apply 'Turkcell Extras' with your PASSPORT and a PETITION including the IMEI number of your handset.
(a copy of the page that includes entry-exit dates and identity information of your passport is needed)
If you are going to stay in Turkey temporary and want your phone to be activated for temporary, for registration, your passport, subscription contract and petition (including the IMEI number of the phone) are needed.
It is only necessary to pay a process to the dealer, IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO PAY CUSTOMS ASSESSMENT.
The phone handset can be used only with one line when it is registered for temporary.

The contraband mobile phones should be registered until the end of October and as of December 13, 2005 unregistered phones will be blocked.
In order to learn whether your phone is contraband or not do the following:

1. Visit the web site The IMEI Sorgulama (IMEI Inquiry) page appears. Type your 15-digit IMEI number (*#06#) into the box, then press "Sorgula" key. (Sometimes 2 more numbers appear together with the IMEI numbe -take no notice)

2. The situation of your phone appears below if it reads "Kayıtlı" (Registered), it means there is no problem.
If it reads "Bulunamadı" (not found) this means you should register your phone to Turk Telecom by paying 5 YTL.
If you neglect to take this action first you get a warning message and then your phone will be blocked on December 13th.
From then on you cannot use it within Turkish borders.
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