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Re: Composting Dog Waste

Sorry for the delay.This was due to my dog being constipated and therefore my composting pit was at a standstill.Problem been sorted now by feeding my dog a dose of something equivalent to a is now in full operation.

As the composting is taking hold there will be an odour until most of the waste has broken down by the red wriggly worms[bramblings are the best for this].So,the best to limit the smell is to make sure the composting trays are well away from human activity,because this can wafted in the household and people will start accusing each other about their lack of hygiene.

I have also been told not to use waste that came from carnivore,because of what you have suggested,but really the worms will break this up and hugely reduce the smell,leaving behind a sweet smelling type of really is a high nitrogen type of plant food.l wouldn’t be concerned to much about the carnivores waste smelling to much.You can put a lid on it and place in a ideal place where it will not interfere with others.

There is another way to do this if you wish not to use the tray method.
1/Dig a hole about 2 foot deep by 2 foot
2/break up the bottom of the pit with a garden fork for drainage
3/Lay the bottom with cardboard twigs and other woody magig a me things for the added drainage to improve
4/Start filling the hole with doggy poo
5/Once you reach a small layer of waste you add on top a layer of the soil you have dug up and throw in some of those red wriggly wormy things
6/Add a little water and then place a black liner bin bag on top of that with bricks to weigh it down.This will stop it becoming saturated with rain water.
7/Repeat this cycle until you have reached the top of the hole
8/And then add the rest of the soil and compact it the black bin liner on top of the soil and weigh it down.

Don’t forget on every stage to add a little water and throw in some worms.You will be rewarded with a good supply of top quality garden plant food which the foliage will love to consume.This is one method that greatly reduces the smell.Try it it is a lot less cumbersome then the tray method
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