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Re: How to resolve issues

I know nothing of property or condominium law as far as Turkey is concerned, so can't advice you on that.

My only input would be to suggest a "takeover" of the board, not forgetting it would probably have been the board that employes the management company so in time they can also be changed.
This obviously is not going to be very easy especially if most of the owners are not or never on site.

Can you contact other members, obviously contacting the owners you know who would be on your side to get things changed first.

One of the biggest problems with some organisations such as yours is that whilst some people will complain like mad they are not prepared to put themselves forward to help stop the or solve the problem, so those people should also be at the top of the list to get them on your side.

If you can do that then in time if needs be you should be able to call a "Extra Ordinary General Meeting" to call a "Vote of No Confidence" in the committee. You will probably have to call the meeting under the grounds of a vote of no confidence to be able to get the current board member out.
In the UK you would need a "Quorum" the definition of a quorum will be in the or equivalent of the management handbook, and need not necessarily be as high as 2/3rds of the members as some people may think.
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