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Ecosense in Turkey

The Fethiye company, Connections, in which I am an investor, is now an agency for Ecosense control units for air conditioning systems. Ecosense UK is the manufacturer and, until now, their products have not been available within Turkey; some people have imported their own - more on that later.

We are importing the full range of Ecosense products; we have been fitting these units locally for some time and, as a result of that experience, we know they are a product superior to anything else available in Turkey. Some competitors sell motion sensors that switch off the power, but because of the way they do this it can result in damage to the ac unit or the compressor; some will repower the system when someone returns to the room resulting in an erratic and damaging use of the ac.

Ecosense on the other hand senses that the room is empty and then shuts down the ac unit in the same way that the remote control would do.

Owners who rent out property, and even those who welcome family to stay, constantly complain about the way ac costs mount up with either careless, or could-not-care-less, ac use. Some of this is due to UK renters not understanding how ac should be used or how expensive it can be; some think it is down to renters who feel they have paid for the rental so they can leave the units running all day. Even the smallest (9000btu) ac unit left running for the day will cost 4TL more than one used for just a few hours, so over a rental period the profits are being eaten up by ac abuse. Some owners consider their relatives the worst offenders: after all it is all free! We estimate that savings of around 80% on ac use is attainable depending how you set it up. The Ecosense motto, "no need to cool air when there's no-one there" will resonate with anyone who pays the ac bill after visitors have gone home!

There are two types of Ecosense units. One uses the same signal that the remote control uses, the second is, in addition, hard wired into the ac circuitry. Both switch the ac unit off after 15 minutes (adjustable), and it stays off until the remote is used to restart . The latest version includes door and window sensors. There is also a remote control unit that substitutes for the one supplied with the ac unit; this replacement controller allows the owner to pre-set the temperature range - cooling and heating - that can be used. This is described on the web site and there are a number of You Tube demonstrations.

All units are coded so that the owner can overide any restrictions they have set for the use of renters (or family).

We provide the units for you to fit yourself with detailed instructions and video demonstration on disc: these are both in English and Turkish in case you want your own Turkish electrician to fit them for you; it is a relatively easy DIY job. We will be happy to quote on getting our own electrician to install them in the Fethiye region. Installation farther afield will be quoted for on request.

Please have a look at our web site for more product information.

Existing Ecosense customers: if you have brought Ecosense units from UK and have experienced any problems, we will be happy to help if we can. We are not part of Ecosense UK, we are a separate company, but we want to help if there is a problem with a product or help with installation advice. Any unit not provided by ourselves in Turkey will not be covered by Connections guarantee, but we are working closely with Ecosense in UK and will help out with warranty issues or exchanges authorised by Ecosense in UK. Any unit we supply in Turkey will be covered by a strong guarantee including replacement of any faulty unit that has been installed correctly. If you have a problem with a UK sourced product please contact Ecosense in UK first, they will then talk to us.

Connections, as a company, will quote on installing units for you (in and around Fethiye).

All work is guaranteed, of course.

Ecosense will have a stall at the 3Cs Christmas Fair in Caliş on 7th December. You will be able to handle units, buy, or arrange quotes on installation.

Our in-house electrician will be at the Fair. He will discuss the Ecosense installation and any other work you need doing. He will also show you examples (photos) of upgrades to existing electrical systems to EU standards and some fittings needed to comply with Turkish regulations; lightning/surge protectors will be on display as will state of the art programmable pool/lighting timers; he will also do free safety checks on existing systems, checking each socket for earth/ground; he will also quote on any other work you need doing. We will also have a home safety package for sale including fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, emergency light, torch etc. we will be happy to fit it if combined with a home visit about other items.

We also have a range of LED lighting to provide multi-coloured mood lighting - there will be photographs of work done.

Ecosense units start at 59.99 for the basic unit and rise to 120 for the top of the range 4000+ model. A new hand controller is being launched and we will have some to show on 7th in Caliş if our consignment clears customs in time. Current handsets are offered at a discount when purchased with sensors.

See the full range at contact us through the web site email or on the phone number given(05354513123 Eng & Turkish). We are happy to arrange home visits to discuss improvements and projects.

Web site is still being fine tuned and a secure payment option will soon be activated with the bank.


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