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Re: Iztuzu beach construction

In the night of 29/30 December Ramazan and Cumali Oruç and 13 DALÇEV companions broke the barrier padlock around 23:30. Allegedly they threatened the guard, who could not do anything against a group this big. The gang drove onto the beach with 3 cars, where they got stuck because of the heavy rains. By that time the guard had alarmed the Dal-Bel manager, who in turn called some IKUP members. They came to the beach to block the entrance with their cars and stayed overnight. Fortunately they were there when the shovel and tractors with generators arrived and could prevent them from passing the barrier. God knows what would have happened if they had not been there in time.

In the meantime boats were sent to the other end, bringing in reporters and jandarma to take a statement from DALÇEV President Ramazan Oruç. He claimed he had received a message at night that he was now officially in charge and therefore decided to finally take what was rightfully his. When asked "why in the middle of the night?" he said he would have come earlier if he had known in the morning or early afternoon. Allegedly the jandarma restrained from action..

In the morning around 8am there were some 4 jandarma at the barrier, but as more people showed up, having seen pics and posts on Facebook more jandarma arrived, zabita and 4 minibuses of riot police in full armour. It looked pretty grim! In fact nothing at all happened, but perhaps the authorities feared that people would take the law in their own hands. Everyone behaved responsibly and did not provoke in any way. They were just there to make sure no new surprises would get past the barrier.

In the afternoon message came that the Deputy Governor had had a meeting with the Ortaca authorities and had decided that jandarma will be guarding the beach at both ends and that for 3 days no one is allowed to enter the beach. He also decreed that DALÇEV had to remove their machinery, which they did. On the nights of 30/31 and on New Year's Eve IKUP sympathisers have kept watch.

Until the Court of Aydin decides otherwise, the stay of execution still holds as has been confirmed by the Deputy Vali. For what it's worth, the Vali has stated that DALÇEV's entering the beach at night was a violation of the site's protection regulations and therefore illegal.

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