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lorraine 22nd January 2006 21:45

Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
I have asked this question of the Bodrum members too. So what do you all do and see when not in the sea or pool or just sitting back soaking in the sun rays. Surely there is more to Alanya than buying property and slowcooker..:lol:

Lynda 22nd January 2006 22:18

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
oooooo thats hurts Lorraine. I know I have posted re many various activities that are on going in this area... but this is a good arena to keep updated.
We have International clubs,
We have sport centre with tae-bo & yoga instruction, aeorbics etc
Salsa dance classes
Walking clubs
Book clubs
Bowling alley
2 cinemas with 5 screens
crazy golf
I am sure I have left lots out but others will continue the list I am sure...

lewismark 27th January 2006 18:10

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
There is the museum here full of history if you are into history, which i have made a seperate post of, perhaps i should of put it in here, maybe Lorraine or one of the others will do it if its best suited in here.

A must see is the view from the castle across the harbour, its where all the agents here take clients first to take in the breathtakeing view, it gets everybody without fail. Go at night and daytime, it really is something else, absolutely stunning!!

Andy 27th January 2006 18:36

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
Lorraine, Alanya has such alot to offer not only for it's stunning views but there is so much to do, if youv'e never visited you must go and see for yourself and while their i'm sure Lynda and Mark will only be pleased to show you around and you may even get a drink thrown in. You Will Love It.


shirleyanntr 29th January 2006 16:04

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
in addition to what has been mentioned...
there are two aquaparks..one in the Centre ..Damlataş side of town. one in Tosmur. also a big one near avsallar.
Ulaş beach is nice and quiet with a good picnic area..4 kilometres outside of town on the Konakli road.
the mountains above alanya have some great picnic areas...theyre always busy on Sundays with turkish families
Theres a great restaurant with a tandur oven open all year in the mountains...they sell meat by the kilo and cook it....winter they cover it in with polythene sheets ( the restaurant not the meat!!)and light the sorba very cosy ...nice raki
a bit further on from there is a nomads tent..done out for the tourists but open all year too..freshly squeezed orange juice..and hubble bubble pipes.
further on up and there is the Mahmut Seydi köy...a favourite with the jeep safaris...but this time of the year the roads are 'safer'..given that they are bendy.Here there is a 13 century mosque..with the most tremendous views down the valley.an old house too where the guy has assembled various bits of turkish kitsch and genuine antique village implements. you can sit inside and drink cay or ada cay...look at all his photos..smoke some apple tobacco from a nagile ..get your pic taken and what you leave him for a tip is up to you...very civilized.
Back in town there is the Damlataş Cave where asthmatic turks armed with a doctors paper can spend their time...the air is steamy with a constant temperature so is good for the tubes.
there are hamams galore...best one is in Konakli...or the old traditional one in the centre.
there is a ferry to cypress from April to October..3 hours (or so)..goes to Girne.
Hmmm...what else...have to try and think

Garys missus 30th January 2006 14:51

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
Shirley, can you let me know if I can get a map with the places you mention pin-pointed? I don't think we're going to be able to find half of them, and I'd like to visit all of them! I want to go exploring, without getting totally lost.

shirleyanntr 30th January 2006 18:12

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
hi debs...glad you found the forum...there are some tourists maps around..but they dont always show some of the places ive mentioned..although mahmut seydi should be on and you will find most of the mountain places on that road.
ulaş is easy its just as you come into Alanya. when are you coming..did you say May. i will pm you with directions before then...there are lots of other places worth going to...lots and lots kid.

lewismark 24th February 2006 09:16

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
There are plenty of excursion operaters her, just grab a leaflet from them and see where you want to go if you want to do at your lesuire, as Shirley says there is loads to do!!

Kismetbabe 25th May 2007 18:51

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
anyone mention one of my own favourite places Dim Cay?? the river has been rented out to restaurants.. the water comes striaght from the mountains, is always freezing cold all year so it makes for a great place to chill out when the heat is too much. Each restaurant does it their own way but my favourite is Pinarbasi up near the damn... there are little platforms over the water to sit and each a meal or just relax and they have built little eating spots up on the side of the steep sides so you can have privacyi eat drink and just crash out.

Trout farms on site make for fresh fish, prices arent bad and it makes a great day out....

Lynda 25th May 2007 21:34

Re: Things to do and sights to see in Alanya.
Also this weekend is the tourism festival and well worth a visit.............

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