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ROSEMARIE 23rd February 2006 18:17

available longterm rental in alanya
we have a lovely new large two bedroomed apartment in the sarah mah area of alanya centrum available for longterm rental. If it might be of interest to any forum member please send P.M. for more details, or if anyone can recommend a good agent that deals in longterm rentals we would be most greatful.many thanks rosemarie and paul.

lewismark 23rd February 2006 22:18

Re: available longterm rental in alanya
Hi Rose and Paul

Im not sure what advise you have had about renting out your apartment but there really isnt much of a call for long term rentals here, and certainly not for the price you would wish to obtain, i have had a spare apartment here now empty for a year, advertised on web sites and no callers, the reason is tourists can get a cheaper package holiday than a long term rental here. If yo were to ask just £100.00 a week, the person would need to pay for transfer from airport then back again for return flight, on top of your charge, which makes it more expensive than Thomas cook offer a complete holiday includeing breakfast, this depends on time of year obviously but still works out cheaper with a package.
Unless someone is able to get cheap flights this will be the situation,I know flights from other European countries can be more attractive compared to UK,

You can of course rent it out to a Turkish family long term, but they will want to pay something like 400YL a month which is about £180. and thats a month.

Out of season the Hotels here do a very cheap price for long stay, which again yo will be up against.
I would advise you to market the property yourself by building a small web site showing it and the area and placeing it on as many rental sites as you can.
I droppred my apartment down to £80. a week in the main saeson and still couldnt rent it out, had a few enquiries from Dutch people but got same response "it is cheaper for me to stay in hotel", i could of rented it out to a Turkish couple on a 6 month contract for 300TL a month (£133) but chose not to, as the return was not enough, so now i will sell it and earn more from the money in the bank than i would by renting it out.
We have many properties on our files which people wish to rent out, not all of them purchased from us and were told by the Agents they bought them off that they will get £300 a week for it and they would help rent it out too, just to get the sale, and when it comes to it you just cant get that much

If you rent through an agent they will also want a commission from what ever you charge and i have known some of them renting properties out to their friends and others and not telling the owner, therefore keeping all the money, so if you choose this method, make sure you TRUST them 100%, dont know how you will do that cus i wouldnt trust any of them.
If you purchased for an investment i really think the best thing to do would be to resell and then purchase another off plan or at the hard build stage, to maximise your return on your outlay.

shirleyanntr 24th February 2006 00:05

Re: available longterm rental in alanya
yes Mark..thats good advice..very true for alanya.
the long term rentals here are mainly turkish people or expats...and they want a place for about 350. the average price now is around 400/450..which even that is too much for an average turkish family...getting an average wage of 600/800 per month.
if they earn 1000tl per month thats good money....
just three years ago in Alanya the normal rent was around 200/250....now its double.
in the summer season its possible in tourist jobs to earn more..but then when the winter comes with no work its very hard to ends meet.
i think that sooner or later there will be backlash... with the prices of housing and rents going up and wages remaining meagre to say the least.
in places like mahmutlar where people have been encouraged to part with overly inflated prices lured by 'good investment ' claims, there is massive building projects on the go.
However all i see in Mahmutlar out of season is the same backwater place its always been only now with thousands of empty apartments. In the winter its a Köy..village.
And i can guarantee trying to sell for the price paid will be nigh impossible.
Sorry if ive made it seem dismal..but ive just followed on Mark's theme..only from a locals perspective.

lewismark 24th February 2006 09:55

Re: available longterm rental in alanya
At last ive had an agreement to one of my posts, im normally followed round on here with attempts to knock or demise what i have said.

It is amazeing what some of these agents tell perspective buyers what they can rent out for, I think it needs to be said as it is and that is "You will find it near impossibe at the moment to rent out your property for an acceptable return on your outlay how ever much you paid for your property.
Sorry but thats the truth of the matter

shirleyanntr 24th February 2006 11:13

Re: available longterm rental in alanya
hey mark..ive never followed you around...anywhere...but i will criticise if i think something is wrong....its only fair to other members.

ROSEMARIE 24th February 2006 18:04

Re: available longterm rental in alanya
hi mark and shirley thanks for all the info it has been really helpful.Luckly our agents were very upfront about the holiday rental prospects, but 350 euros per month for longterm rental to expats seems about right,as a few people gave us that guide price,but if there is no demand then we will sell on and maybe buy off plan again .cheers rosemarie and paul

ROSEMARIE 24th February 2006 18:11

Re: available longterm rental in alanya
hi mark i forgot to ask, i did not say how much rent we hopeing to get in first posting so were you just guessing?

lewismark 24th February 2006 19:24

Re: available longterm rental in alanya

Originally Posted by ROSEMARIE
hi mark i forgot to ask, i did not say how much rent we hopeing to get in first posting so were you just guessing?

Yes Rosemarie i was just guessing as £300 a week tends to be the average price in high season some agents are telling buyers they can expect to get.

I have yet to find anyone who will pay that price, based on my previous answer.

Like i said Rosemarie, my advise would be to sell on again if your apartment block is completely finished and take a prophit while you can, as i feel the prices been charged now are in reality the price they should be next year, so the harder i feel it will be next year to sell on at a prophit as there will be many more new and unsold new developments.

shirleyanntr 24th February 2006 19:49

Re: available longterm rental in alanya
you could try advertising in the alanya papers..to attract turkish people or expats who could afford a higher price.
350 euros is approx 560 tl and is not over expensive regardless of what i said earlier...
you just have to find the right place to advertise.
put an ad in a local gazette

KERRY2511 17th March 2011 11:23

Re: available longterm rental in alanya

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