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  1. Debts?
  2. New water meters required
  3. CCTV being installed in Ozcelik
  4. Info on Ozcelick sitesi please
  5. Hab Cert?
  6. Pool opening
  7. Cooker Wanted
  8. Grass Cutting for people who are not around, costs?
  9. Local knowledge
  10. Letter from Site?
  11. We have a websitesi
  12. Landscaping underway
  13. Site Electric fees increased to 23Ykr or 0.23YTL
  14. Steve & Terri Fund
  15. Gcse Maths Tutor Required
  16. Can U Buy A Dart Board In Turkey?
  17. Coming Home
  18. Merry Christmas to all members of TLF
  19. Merry Christmas everyone!
  20. Water system on site?
  21. The game of "ok"
  22. Living in the Sun ...Guess Who??????
  23. A big Thank you!!
  24. Need an honest opinion!
  25. Site next door knocking wall down?
  26. Being modest i think