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  20. Miniature Pinscher- Bodrum area
  21. Patch needs a loving home
  22. Alanya- rescued puppies need homes URGENTLY
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  25. 8-year-old male cat requires loving home
  26. Driving from Uk
  27. Sad Story needs a Happy Ending.
  28. Yalikavak - Golden Retriever
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  31. Disabled Street Dog
  32. Pointer bitch
  33. Lost and found - Holly
  34. Puppy Dalyan area
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  37. Sos straathonden (Sos Streetdogs)/Stichting Atar
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  39. Puppies
  40. Sweet cat needs a new home
  41. looking for help or donations
  42. Northpole/bob the knob & anyone else too
  43. Naughty to Sweden
  44. English Hairdresser
  45. We need loving homes
  46. 11 Puppies Found - Side area
  47. Can someone give me a new home?
  48. Three legged dog
  49. Young Pointer Dog is looking for a good home
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  51. Home for Persian cat
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  53. found golden retriver
  54. Small Terrier needs Help
  55. I smell dinner!
  56. Too tiny to be alone!
  57. Meet the "Bush Babies" (puppies)
  58. (Almost) Free Puppies
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  61. Dumped Doggies
  62. Handsome Gentleman
  63. Need to contact Val Whyte
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  67. Birds information
  68. urgent homes needed
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  70. Cats in Turkey
  71. New home for Tina
  72. Here's one that needs adopting.
  73. state vet
  74. Urgent dog needs fostering.
  75. Update on Rottweiler Story
  76. I am so cute too!
  77. 4 Adorable kittens need new home
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  79. Retriever cross looking for someone to care for him
  80. Black Lab/Spaniel-type pup. Fethiye area.
  81. Bella - please look
  82. Anybody recognize this dog?
  83. Dog hit by car
  84. Poppy
  85. My name is Fistik
  86. Lucky needs a home in Turkey or UK
  87. Can I come live with you please
  88. 2/3 week holiday home needed for cat :)
  89. Turgutreis Animal Shelter gets Facebook
  90. Rottweiler cross needs a home!
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  93. Poppy - please look
  94. little fella looking for a new home
  95. These are the dogs
  96. "Buttons" - a terrier puppy
  97. Homes needed please
  98. Old English Sheepdog at Didim Shelter
  99. Lovıng Step Mum and Dad wanted
  100. cat needing shortish term fostering
  101. Wiggles pointer
  102. English setter
  103. German sheapherd
  104. Bella needs a home
  105. Facts about Street Dogs
  106. This says it all, re; The Mail.
  107. A Big Thankyou to Paws Kennels
  108. Izmir adoption shelter
  109. Two cats desperately seeking home(s)
  110. A dose of common sense.
  111. Introducing Miss Mollie Mop!!
  112. offering a home
  113. Dogs life
  114. Can you help Yogi ?
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  116. Pet diary
  117. Labortory Beagles walk on grass for the first time
  118. Still need a home for my cat...
  119. urgently need loving new home for my cat :(
  120. Great Dane!
  121. Ron needs a new home
  122. Little dog looking for kind loving home.
  123. home needed for female dog
  124. Abandoned rabbit needs a home
  125. The Van Cat
  126. Small, young, female terrier looking for a home
  127. PLEASE HELP! I want to bring 2 dogs from Dalyan to the UK
  128. 5 kittens needing loving homes
  129. George needs a home :(
  130. A loving Dog need new home - Bulgaria
  131. Young male Yorkshire Terrier
  132. Young man needing a home!!
  133. Rescuing dog from Turkey to UK...
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  135. Two new pleas for homes
  136. Cute kitty video
  137. Tilky's Pups
  138. Small terrier lost/abandoned in Bodrum area urgently needs loving home
  139. Home Needed for Terrier - Fethiye
  140. Our dog needs a loving home ASAP
  141. Save the saddest dolphins...
  142. Pups born this morning
  143. Please help Lola to find a loving and caring home!
  144. The Scooby-do Fan Club!
  145. Animal welfare in Altinkum
  146. SunnySeasider & Sue Meet Scooby-do!
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  148. dog rescued Japan
  149. Adoption Facebook sites
  150. Help A Good Cause !!!!
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  152. Street dogs from Turkey to UK
  153. Loyalty.
  154. German Shepherd bitch
  155. Re-homing of animals and donating to care for them
  156. Dog up adoption
  157. Taking a cat to the UK...i want to keep my pet!!
  158. Please help us,
  159. vets in yalikavak
  160. Feeding hungry animals
  161. Yet another appeal
  162. Happy ending!!!!
  163. Bodrum - lovely house cat needs new home
  164. Home for tiny dog needed
  165. Little terrier needs a kind loving home
  166. Pups need home Didim
  167. cats and dogs
  168. Foster Homes Needed Urgently
  169. Sky - Full Breed Husky - Female - Didim, Needs loving home
  170. Domino - border Collie - AVSALLAR - ALANYA, TURKEY
  171. Young terrier and mastiff-type need homes
  172. From little to large....
  173. Elephant and crocodile 'tug of war'
  174. Dog wanted!
  175. White Angora Cat
  176. Activist from Boston eases plight of Turkish strays
  177. Max & Lou Lou...need a new home.
  178. didim -Free to good home
  179. Puppy Labrador
  180. Does the Fethiye Animal shelter have a website?
  181. Cat pee
  182. English Speaking Vet around Fethiye?
  183. Puppy needs a home
  184. British ahead of north america in treatment of animals survey
  185. Starving Lillo Needs a Home and Quick
  186. Sparky the Puppy Needs a Home
  187. Foster Homes
  188. Still Looking
  189. Dice - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Needs a Loving Home
  190. Two very pretty and cute female adolescent cats
  191. Help needed
  192. Win an IPod Touch... for a dollar!
  193. Better Life for Fethiye’s Cats and Dogs
  194. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  195. How do i remove my Threads/Account
  196. Pups need homes.
  197. Turkish animal group fundraiser
  198. Desperate - Home Needed
  199. dog needs a home for 10 weeks
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  201. Didim area - 2 dogs need new homes
  202. Puppy
  203. Wanted dog - Dalaman area
  204. ridgeback x
  205. Can Anyone Help me - I have 2 dogs that i need Fostered until 8th October!!!!
  206. Tasha and Ted and there 2 pups are all Looking for Loving Homes..
  207. Taking dog/cats to the uk from turkey
  208. 2 Adult English Cats looking for a new home.
  209. Puppies need rehoming - Dalaman
  210. Two Lovely Dogs
  211. Home needed for puppy
  212. Left to die!
  213. Abandoned little dog needs a forever home
  214. Can you help please?
  215. Boxer needs home
  216. You can donate a pound for free, just by viewing the video
  217. Bodrum:Golden Mix needs home
  218. Loving home urgently needed for 9 months old, speyed and house trained kitten
  219. Loving home urgently needed for 8 Months House Trained, Spayed Kitten
  220. Loving home urgently needed for house trained kitten
  221. Home needed for hand reared kitten
  222. Yalikavak: Homes for my precious girls
  223. An update on Lucy
  224. Very urgent KKOB's Molly and Sam need to be rehomed
  225. Ellie and Bessie need new home
  226. new home for Kavun..Kabak Valley nr. Olu Deniz
  227. puppies
  228. Two Gorgeous Kittens Need a Loving Home
  229. Looking for a Lap
  230. New Home
  231. Turgutreis Dog Shelter
  232. Help!!! I need a home!!!
  233. Cats, slightly off topic
  234. Benson
  235. Bodrum Blue Doberman
  236. Bodrum Yorkshire Terrier
  237. 2 curly coated terriers need a new home in Didim Area
  238. New Home Needed for 4 Dogs - Fethiye Area
  239. British short haired cats - Bodrum
  240. Please help Hope - hit and run victim Izmir.
  241. Saving Grace - Abandoned Anatolian Shepherd Altinkum.
  242. Lovely little dog requires a home in Didim area
  243. Male cat need a home!
  244. Altinkum - Puppy Appeal