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Sweetnighter 21st August 2019 13:06

Demolition on bodrum peninsular
Eight construction sites sealed in Bodrum - Turkey News

Harem 21st August 2019 13:34

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular
Pity they didn't/don't do that in Kaya.

IbrahimAbi 21st August 2019 13:37

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular
I'll believe it when they are demolished. Lots of money at stake here. there is s house in our village slated to be demolished as it was built without permission. It is still here 14 years later.

429nufc 21st August 2019 13:42

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular
Even after owning for 15 years in Turkey and thinking I knew the score I still had to do a mad dash before 15th June to legalise the Iskan on my property and ended up paying a fortune in fines (Thanks to the weak Lira not as bad as it could have been).

It's good to see the authorities applying the law but this being Turkey I wonder if it's just that the wrong palms have been greased rather than serious environmental concerns.

kemerkid 21st August 2019 13:51

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular
This is just another government money spinner if you ask me.
"Violations both on its coastal structures and land-side have been determined…Also, there is the problem of visual pollution…"
Visual polution in Bodrum...... nah.

IbrahimAbi 21st August 2019 14:08

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular
It's not just the visual pollution, but if the buildings are not legal, then what about other features of the engineering like sewage disposal. We had a friend who had a house on the bodrum peninsula going back 15 years or so, early morning there were suspicious brown slicks close to one newly built hotel.

35pluschips 21st August 2019 14:14

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular
I gained somebody their HC some years back, in those days there was no amnesty.
Whilst going through the process I found out that the villa next door was on the plot of land the villa I was dealing with. Akbuk Belidye had to be involved to get the HC & it wasn't long before they pointed out to the me that the villa was illegal.
They gave options.

(a) They will knock it down (it was only the shell) & the land owners pay the bill plus the fine. Over all cost around 20,000 TL (plus fiddle no doubt)
(b) The land owner knocks it down (Brits).
(c) The builder knocks it down.
(d) The owner of the shell knocks it down.

Once thing was for sure.........it was going down & they gave 28 days for it to happen.
The builder had "done one", the shell owner was a German Turk woman who was a Doctor living in Germany. I contacted her & she had a rant at me telling me not to touch it. The Brits who owned the finished villa were terrified that if they let me knock it down they would be sued.
I used a solicitor along with official notification from the Belidye Office to calm the Brits, they on day 24 finally gave the nod, day 25 I paid 3,000TL for some Turks with big boys toys to knock it down (needed more than JCBs), by day 27 it had gone.
Via email I sent pictures to the Brits & the German Turk, the Brits were over the moon (still worried) but over the moon..........I never heard back from Germany.

Depends where you are but for sure, Akbuk don't mess about, well they didn't in those days. Villa shells look unsightly & do nothing for an area apart making people ask........."what's gone on there", the usual reply being, "probably ran out of money".

mollag 21st August 2019 15:01

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular

Originally Posted by IbrahimAbi (Post 1201687)
I'll believe it when they are demolished. Lots of money at stake here. there is s house in our village slated to be demolished as it was built without permission. It is still here 14 years later.

It seems so at times but in Sogut they put a bulldozer through 6 illegal expensive completed new builds and an illegal Hotel, maybe ten years ago.

yalimart 21st August 2019 15:07

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular
When we had our Gundogan house we had both Tapu and Hab cert, from memory 20 houses did on the site, 30 didnt.

I asked a local guy I know how this was the case.

His answer was "The mayor is driving around in a new Mercedes, how is that the case ?"

From our point I didn't need to pursue it, nor did I know if it was 100% true, but I did see a mercedes parked outside the town hall for a while, and much later I heard an official had been arrested.

Makes you wonder.


35pluschips 21st August 2019 15:21

Re: Demolition on bodrum peninsular
Whilst everyone everywhere wants to deal in cash, Turkey is no different. One thing that always stuck out to me, everything could be paid for with cash direct into the hand except Tapu tax, real government money. That was paid into a bank & direct into a government account, receipt given & handed to the Tapu Office. I dread to think how it would’ve gone if cash had been acceptable across the counter in the Tapu Office.

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