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YATAS-FURNITURE 31st August 2012 11:42

No one in DALAMAN?
Most of pages about Dalaman has no any posting. Where are you guys?..

rosehillgirl1 31st August 2012 13:04

Re: No one in DALAMAN?

Originally Posted by YATAS-FURNITURE (Post 754164)
Most of pages about Dalaman has no any posting. Where are you guys?..


It is quite sad really.

We find that people in Dalaman have become much less friendly and enthusiastic in the past couple of years (both locals and ex-pats).

Lots of people have left the area and many more are trying to leave. Those who are there don't seem to mix very much.

There is hardly any bars or restaurants left in the town centre where you can even buy an Efes-or go out for a meal with a bottle of wine-it's almost tea-total now.

Even when we go to the restaurants out of town there aren't that many people around.

We used to have a lively little online community and people were positive and happy. We used to have breakfast meetings and get togethers but all of that's totally gone these days.

People have tried to organise quiz nights etc but no-one turns up.

I really don't know why it has become like this but it seems quite a shame.

Perhaps others disagree?


scotssteve 31st August 2012 13:10

Re: No one in DALAMAN?
Sad to hear that your community has gone that way Ann

Its allways a small percentage that come out and get involved, but how dreadful for those of you still there if no-one comes


JEANNIE 31st August 2012 15:35

Re: No one in DALAMAN?

Originally Posted by YATAS-FURNITURE (Post 754164)
Most of pages about Dalaman has no any posting. Where are you guys?..

Funnily enough, i was thinking about you the other week, have you been away.


Andy & Sue 31st August 2012 16:31

Re: No one in DALAMAN?
We are always up for meeting new people,I wrote a thread on the newly refurbished Nil Restaurant the other week but had no feedback,(good place to go for a bit of music and a nice cold beer in the lovely gardens).. Unfortunately a couple of people on here that We would like to meet up with have been out at different times :(

Andy & Sue

alpatwm 31st August 2012 16:52

Re: No one in DALAMAN?
it's a shame that no-one meets up in Dalaman, we have lived there for 4 years, and Brits just blank you, almost as though you have crawled from under their shoe, it is not the friendly place it once was, all the people we met last time we were there just wanted to brag about how big their villa was and how much money they have, it's very sad,

Andy & Sue 31st August 2012 18:26

Re: No one in DALAMAN?
Hi Alpatwn Where do you live in Dalaman and where do you go go when you eat out etc? We often see people in the street and often wonder if they are Members of TLF!

alpatwm 31st August 2012 18:43

Re: No one in DALAMAN?
Hi Andy and Sue, I will contact you when we arrive as to where we live, last time we were in Dalaman we ate at the Aytacc, Karya, and Nils , although not a lot of choice really, we did live in Fethiye for 5 years,and made lots of friends there, who we see on a regular basis, however, the same cannot be said of Dalaman, there are Brits there who have gone "native" and will try and part you from your cash,and of course Turks with their dual pricing, exasperating, it's so blatant now we try and bring everytyhing with us

Bill & Linda 31st August 2012 19:53

Re: No one in DALAMAN?
You all make Dalaman sound so very pleasent!!! I cannot see how one place can be so different to every where else in Turkey, every where I have been in Turkey people have always been pleasent and helpful (Maybe you have to live some where to really get a taste for it) sounds like Altinkum is a pretty good place to live, there must be a problem there as I have rarely heard such negativity about an area are the ex pat community rearlly that unfriendly?

rosehillgirl1 31st August 2012 20:03

Re: No one in DALAMAN?

You certainly get to know who your friends are in Dalaman!!

There are some really nice people there (like everywhere) but getting to know people is often quite difficult.

Dalaman seems to attract some people who 'want to be alone'-that's fine by me-it's everyone's choice.

As there's no place in town (and no easy way to get there apart from very expensive taxis) to pop in and socialise it's sometimes hard to make new friends (and the old ones keep leaving!).

It didn't used to be like this but I think people became disillusioned when the marina failed to appear and all of the other things (like the tourism plan) bit the dust.

Quite a number of people bought lovely villas from a company that built them illegally and people are stuck with homes that they can't get a tapu for or sell on. Some peoples dreams were shattered-it left a very bad taste in peoples mouths.

I don't think the Belediye have exactly bent over backwards to make us welcome. Some of the locals are a bit rude and obviously don't want us there either (again some are lovely!!).

I feel very sad about it as we've been around there on and off for eight years now.

It also has some lovely countryside and lots of other good things to recommend it.


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