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About the Forum
  Forum Last Post Moderator
Announcements about the Forum (Threads:128, Posts:3,071)
Please read this section, all information about the forum will be posted here.
by Mushtaq
20th August 2017 21:34 Go to last post
TLF Fund (Threads:36, Posts:1,222)
This is a fund to collect money so that we can donate to local charities or good causes in Turkey. ALL monies received will be fowarded and regular updates will be given on the forum.
TLF Auctions (7/98)  
6th April 2017 09:23 Go to last post
Forum Suggestions & Feedback (Threads:417, Posts:8,703)
Place to discuss problems with the forum, suggestions for improvements etc.
by evo80
26th January 2018 13:55 Go to last post
Test area (Threads:222, Posts:1,553)
a place to post test messages, if you want to play around or test out features of the forum, post here.
by TNT123
5th December 2017 07:24 Go to last post
The Travel Forum : Travelling in Turkey and around the world.
  Forum Last Post Moderator
Turkey Travel Forum (Threads:461, Posts:4,577)
Travelling in Turkey, where and when to go and things to do within Turkey.
28th February 2018 09:28 Go to last post
Global Travel forum (Threads:84, Posts:1,808)
Travelling outside Turkey.
by saoirse
4th March 2018 21:11 Go to last post
All About You
  Forum Last Post Moderator
Introduce yourself (Threads:3,048, Posts:38,433)
Place to tell us a bit about yourself. What you do, your likes and dislikes, where you like to holiday, your hobbies etc.
by juco
Yesterday 00:02 Go to last post
All About Turkey
  Forum Last Post Moderator
Akbuk Forum (Threads:1,747, Posts:24,601) (3 Viewing)
Information about Akbuk
by enoch
18th March 2018 17:10 Go to last post
Altinkum Forum (Threads:4,308, Posts:60,321) (7 Viewing)
Absolutely everything about Altinkum
17th March 2018 19:17 Go to last post
Kusadasi Forum (Threads:682, Posts:6,736)
Information about Kusadasi
18th March 2018 13:43 Go to last post
Izmir Forum (Threads:456, Posts:3,265)
Izmir is the pearl of the Aegean, a fascinating city whose history begins in the mists of legend. Turkey's third largest city and second most important port, Izmir is the centre of tourism in the region.
by frei
3rd December 2017 15:14 Go to last post
Davutlar/Guzelcamli Forum (Threads:48, Posts:674) (1 Viewing)
Davutlar/Guzelcamli Forum
15th October 2017 21:08 Go to last post
Bodrum Forum (Threads:7,415, Posts:91,516) (2 Viewing)
Information about Bodrum and the surrounding area
Turgutreis Forum (952/9617) Gundogan Forum
Yalikavak Forum (2285/36523) Gumusluk Forum (551/6193)
Tuzla Forum (348/5665) Gulluk Forum (177/1529)
Horizon Sky Gulluk (22/187) Ortakent Forum (18/302)
19th March 2018 22:03 Go to last post
Marmaris Forum (Threads:803, Posts:6,458) (1 Viewing)
Information on Marmaris and the surrounding area
by Robino
16th March 2018 18:49 Go to last post
Datca Forum (Threads:682, Posts:6,489) (2 Viewing)
All about Datca
by Carolyn
13th March 2018 16:38 Go to last post
Dalaman Forum (Threads:1,080, Posts:10,009) (1 Viewing)
About the Dalaman Area
Ecalyptus (5/41) Hillside (11/211)
Olivium (4/70) Whiterock (28/265)
Karacali (21/211) Botanic Gardens (9/64)
Akkaya Gardens (12/48) Sun Apartments (3/20)
by enoch
20th February 2018 15:39 Go to last post
Koycegiz Forum (Threads:260, Posts:2,303) (1 Viewing)
Koycegiz forum
2nd February 2018 10:55 Go to last post
Dalyan Forum (Threads:778, Posts:8,068)
Dalyan Forum
19th March 2018 14:01 Go to last post
Fethiye Forum (Threads:1,473, Posts:14,234)
Information about Fethiye
by Hilsjw
11th March 2018 08:36 Go to last post
Calis Beach Forum (Threads:202, Posts:1,820)
All about Calis beach area
1st March 2018 17:07 Go to last post
Uzumlu & Incirkoy Forum (Threads:163, Posts:1,927)
For Uzumlu & Incirkoy areas
by Camden
30th November 2017 15:09 Go to last post
Gocek Forum (Threads:22, Posts:121)
Gocek forum
by Carolyn
17th October 2013 06:40 Go to last post
Istanbul Forum (Threads:487, Posts:4,148)
Information about Istanbul, a great place to spend a few days, or weeks or months.......
6th March 2018 15:04 Go to last post
Antalya Forum (Threads:622, Posts:4,519)
Commonly called "The Turkish Riviera", Antalya is one of the most beautiful provinces of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast in the South of Anatolia.
Belek / Kadriye (52/280)  
24th February 2018 11:05 Go to last post
Kalkan Forum (Threads:168, Posts:1,423)
Kalkan area dicsussions
by Leo
23rd January 2018 18:40 Go to last post
Alanya Forum (Threads:1,621, Posts:15,039)
All about Alanya
Gazipasa (30/466)  
by kizzy
18th March 2018 10:22 Go to last post
Kemer (Threads:25, Posts:199)
Kemer forum
18th May 2017 08:12 Go to last post
Side Forum (Threads:881, Posts:8,711)
Side Forum
by fjes
16th March 2018 12:01 Go to last post
Mersin Forum (Threads:20, Posts:156)
all about the Mersin area
31st December 2017 21:15 Go to last post
Place to discuss the culture and warm and friendly people, and history Turkey.
Madcow's Tales (32/323) History (61/432)
North Cyprus (28/267)  
18th March 2018 20:56 Go to last post
The Turkish Language Centre (Threads:683, Posts:5,773)
Place to try to learn Turkish
by frei
28th November 2017 03:16 Go to last post
The Turkish Living Times (Threads:1,903, Posts:23,015) (1 Viewing)
A new section for reportage, news and views from our resident reporters in Turkey, As well as stories gleaned from around the net from major news service providers
by Hilsjw
Yesterday 10:07 Go to last post
Islam information forum (Threads:93, Posts:3,009) (1 Viewing)
Forum to learn about Islam, this is for people interested in these subjects, this area is not to get into the rights and wrongs but to share knowledge for everyone.
by mollag
6th March 2018 17:29 Go to last post
Sports and Hobbies (Threads:640, Posts:11,257)
Area for all sorts of sports and hobbies while you are in Turkey.
by ted j
1st March 2018 21:08 Go to last post
Turkish Property Forum
  Forum Last Post Moderator
Member Properties for Sale (Threads:595, Posts:7,090)
Properties for sale by members, this section is for established TLF member use ONLY, not for estate agents to advertise properties. This forum is NOT open to NEW MEMBERS.
27th February 2018 09:33 Go to last post
Furnishing your place and General Maintenance (Threads:1,021, Posts:11,107)
Getting your place furnished, where and how to get the best deals and services. All about maintenance services, where, who, how...
Gardening (217/2281) Swimming pools (98/890)
Solar Water Heaters (30/506) Aircon (46/638)
Heating (60/969)  
by davem
8th March 2018 19:54 Go to last post
Rental Properties (Threads:779, Posts:4,636)
Buying to rent can be done and provide a sound investment and a good income. If you are considering buying a property for rental income then discuss the pros and cons here.
Estate Agents - A Necessary Evil ?? (Threads:208, Posts:3,547)
Place to discuss estate agents and their service or lack of. Tell us about your experiances with estate agents dealing with Turkey & North Cyprus. Please note if you are going to bad mouth anyone, please provide evidence to backup your slande
26th January 2018 16:19 Go to last post
Buying property in Turkey & North Cyprus (Threads:996, Posts:14,995) (2 Viewing)
Information on buying property in Turkey & North Cyprus, some of the areas covered are Altinkum, Akbuk, Didim, Fethiye, Calis Beach, Famagusta Kyrenia and loads more....
19th March 2018 23:46 Go to last post
Turkish Moves
  Forum Last Post Moderator
Turkish Life Forum (Threads:898, Posts:14,366)
Place to discuss moving there and living in Turkey.
27th February 2018 06:41 Go to last post
Planes, Trains and Automobiles.... (Threads:2,485, Posts:25,548)
Place to discuss holidays in Turkey & North Cyprus, Flights, Transfers, Parking etc.
by eddiedo
15th March 2018 12:05 Go to last post
Ask A Turkey Related Question (Threads:7,055, Posts:87,066) (11 Viewing)
A place to ask a question related to Turkey only please, stupid or not, does not matter, we don't mind.
by evo80
Yesterday 21:36 Go to last post
Doing business in Turkey (Threads:135, Posts:1,883)
Place to ask help with doing business in Turkey, to discuss your experiences having done business in Turkey.
by tusher
16th February 2018 11:42 Go to last post
Pets needing adoption (Threads:244, Posts:3,443)
All about pets that need new homes etc.
11th October 2017 21:48 Go to last post
The Meeting Place
  Forum Last Post Moderator
The Local Market (Threads:1,076, Posts:6,762)
This is the place to sell or buy anything you like, personal ads, services offered etc.
by Leo
23rd January 2018 18:29 Go to last post
Cheapskates Corner (Members Only) (Threads:381, Posts:2,350)
Place to find all the bargains and offers around that you should know about, members only.
21st February 2018 14:34 Go to last post
Wildlife forum (Threads:216, Posts:1,634) (2 Viewing)
the wildlife forum to discuss all things wild.
26th January 2018 14:57 Go to last post
Making Money forum (Threads:37, Posts:770)
Place to discuss how to make money.
12th March 2018 09:39 Go to last post
Health Matters (Threads:772, Posts:20,207) (2 Viewing)
Forum to discuss various health related issues, like dealing with Cancer, helping others deal with it, a place to help each other with information related to General Health Matters.
Cancer (125/5445) Weight Issues (45/1833)
Diabetes (10/138) Alternative medicine (30/473)
News & Views (Threads:8,555, Posts:201,445) (5 Viewing)
Forum to discuss News stories and articles outside of Turkey.
Geeky Stuff (Threads:1,877, Posts:20,188)
A section to discuss all stuff geeky, technology, computers, cameras etc. etc.
by immac
Yesterday 02:23 Go to last post
Football Forum (Threads:610, Posts:13,748)
Football Forum
22nd January 2018 08:32 Go to last post
Motor Sport (Threads:94, Posts:753)
Motor Sport Forum, all discussions about Motorsports go here.
20th February 2018 20:15 Go to last post
Turkish Music (Threads:77, Posts:506)
Place to discuss your favourite Turkish Music, artists and songs
18th January 2018 12:44 Go to last post
Lost Friends (Threads:64, Posts:914)
A place to get help tracking down people you have lost contact with.
16th December 2017 15:48 Go to last post
Pebble Jackson Project (Threads:76, Posts:2,104)
Pebble Jackson Project sub-forum
by oldfogy
25th September 2017 22:26 Go to last post
Sponsored Forum (Adverts) (Threads:97, Posts:960)
Forum for our members who have paid for a banner advert, they can post information about their business here.
by Hilsjw
12th August 2016 15:24 Go to last post
Greetings and Special Events (Threads:1,143, Posts:16,695)
section for Birthdays, Bayrams, Easter, Pass-Over, Diwali, Xmas, New Year etc.
by Akasya
17th March 2018 20:40 Go to last post
The Kitchen
  Forum Last Post Moderator
Indian Cooking (Threads:52, Posts:586)
As a lot of expats miss the great English dish, Indian Curry, lol here is a special section for people to exchange recipes and ideas about Indian dishes.
12th November 2014 10:12 Go to last post
Turkish Cooking (Threads:213, Posts:1,859)
Turkish Recipes
by tiggr9
9th October 2017 09:09 Go to last post
General Cooking (Threads:459, Posts:17,959) (1 Viewing)
place to discuss recipes and cooking techniques
by hijo
Yesterday 18:21 Go to last post
Vegetarian Cooking (Threads:30, Posts:203)
Place for all the tasty Vegetarian recipes.
8th February 2016 11:05 Go to last post

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