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Old 8th January 2005, 21:02   #1 (permalink)
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New member and our introduction to Turkey!

Hi Everyone

Firstly let me introduce myself and my family to you all.[8D]

Im Darren 36 and im married to Lynda 36 and i have 2 children Liam 9 and Christian 7 and we live in Bolton, sunny Lancashire lol (not).

We first discovered Turkey by chance 2 years ago in May 2003.
It was a cold Thursday night at home and i said to the wife did she fancy going away and should i try phoning My Travel up and seeing if there was any late deals for the following day,being the Friday,we where fed up and wanted a cheap break away. Obviously she said yes lol.

I gave My Travel a ring and asked if there was anything available and she asked where did we fancy and to be absolutely honest,dont all shout at once, i said,anywhere accept Turkey and Malta.

Guess what? That was the only 2 destinations they had for the following day and that was them 2. It was very tempting though because the lady said it was a allocation on arrival at Dalaman airport on a b and b basis for 4 people including transfers 396.00 altogether omg a absolute bargain,but it was Turkey!!!! The Malta deal was nowhere near as attractive. Anyway can you believe it?? I said ide phone them back later after talking to the wife, hahahahaha, little did i know then about Turkey.

The thing was the iraq war was on and i had this image or thought in my head it was going to be dirty and smelly, with no hygiene standards,unfriendly people, and a desert like place full of people who dont like westerners, and i dont know why i had that in my mind as people had never said that too me and none of my family had ever been there, although ive found so many other people feel just like i did, omg ive definately seen the light now.

Anyways as you can guess i phoned up 20 minutes later after deciding, hey even if its horrid, for the sake of 4OO for all of us it was a risk we where prepared too take,lol.

We landed at Dalaman airport and obviously didnt know our final destination, but wede been to loads of other (developed countries??) in europe before ie Spain, Cyprus, Tenerife ect, so wasnt sure what to expect.

We met our rep at the terminal entrance and she said wede been put down to be taken too HISARONU near Fethiye and it was a 45 minute transfer away. As you can guess we where asking all the questions, what was it like?, was there nightlife, was it near a beach? ect. The rep soon calmed our fears and insisted it was one of the more popular destinations in Turkey and it was great and a beautifull area. Well i was open mouthed all the way from the airport as most of the way obviously it was quite dark as it was early morning and we could see loads of half built concrete structures and baron countryside and people on bikes with no lights on lol, but no posh? buildings or flashing lights or discos like spain and we kept thinking what the hell are we going to??

Within about 25 minutes we started climbing this mountain in the coach and the views even by moonlight where stunning, vast sways of pine trees with greenery everywhere,oh we thought this looks more promising and where starting to get excited and within 15 more minutes we where at the hotel Olympos, which was run by a elderly Turkish couple called mama and papa for us English, lol.

It was 5am and we where thirsty and hungry and tired and wondered where would we get something at that time of morning as we had nothing left in our luggage.

Too our amazement the owners, both in the late 60s early 70s, where waiting for us with a staff member to get our cases and take them to our room, that was the start of Turkish hospitality and friendship we have never experienced anywhere before anywhere, Spain ect ect, nothing was too much trouble and they adored children all the people we met and places we went to they where the same.

We sat down at a table by the pool after the owners had kissed? and hugged us and introduced themselves. They then asked if we where hungry after serving us a cup of coffee and soft drinks for the kids, without being asked, and procceded in making us a Turkish breakfast and letting the children play on the free pool table.

After breakfast we where taken too our rooms although just a shower and beds and basic furniture it was very clean and pleasant.

We woke up a few hour later and we both felt this air of calmness and at ease and so relaxed. We decided to go into the "village" which was a 5 minute walk away and find out what it had too offer.

We where amazed, it had everything, cafes,bars,a market, nightclubs and lots and lots of shops, the wife was in heaven lol. The thing was everything was so laid back and relaxed and although it was very hot there was a cool breeze because we high up as it was up mountain.

We found the bars and clubs where very very child friendly not like at home with a air of tension lurking in the background but one of fun and enjoyment and a real holiday atmosphere.There was no pestering too enter bars or grabbing of arms or timeshare hasslers it was heaven we absolutely loved it. We found the food very varied with chinese, indian, english and obviously turkish cuisine. Everything was clean and tidy, very hygienic and the food was, waite for it, fresh, home made and grown, and delicious.Its very inexpensive and a typical 3 course meal is 6 including a glass of wine.

We found there was Oludeniz lagoon and beach with a 10 minute ride away in a dolmus, turkish bus, and it was about 60p and they stopped when you stuck your hand out and shouted lol. Oludeniz was absolutely stunning and the views where out of this world, golden beach and turquoise seas. We had fallen in love with Turkey within 2 days of our first visit and where considering buying somewhere already lol.

The people are not rich but would do anything for you and at first i thought and was waiting,thinking, they cant keep this up all being friendly, they just want our money, dont all countries we holiday at or in fact anywhere? it will end soon.

It hasnt folks and within 2 years we have been there 7 times and loved every minute. We decided after having the best holiday we had ever had to go home and sort the money to buy a place and within 3 months we where back putting a deposit on a off plan place being built on a plot by a company called NICHOLAS ESTATES a very reputable and respected real estate company in that area of Turkey.

Now that experience of buying in a foriegn country on a plot of land with nothing there but a field is another story folks but i have added a link to my new webpage showing our dream home come to reality over a 9 month period and it was ready last July for our enjoyment on schedule like our builder said and we are over the moon with it and very proud, take a look and please post on the comments section of it.

Got to go now folks as my hands hurting lol but we thought wede share our experience with you folks as if it helps people realise what they are missing and gets the Turkish people some extra revenue then it helps repay what the Turkish people have given too me and my family by way of happiness and enjoyment and the times of our lives.


Darren Lynda and family x

ps dont forget too look at our webpage cheers !!
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Old 8th January 2005, 21:39   #2 (permalink)
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lorraine will become famous soon enough lorraine will become famous soon enough
Hi darren and lynda, welcome to the forum and PARADISE!!!! This is exactly what happened to us 6yrs ago we booked a deal but knowing that we were going to Olu Deniz and the Belcekiz Hotel. But stepping of the plane and driving through Dalaman we were silent. but as we started to climb the mountain it possitively took my breath away, The scenery is to die for.

The hospitality of the local took a few days to get used to, as we too could not beleive that people could be this polite couteous and friendly, but of course we now know diferently.

We took the plunge in January last year and moved out here permanently, and so far have never looked back, you would have to take me back to the UK kicking and screaming.

I have taken a look at your website (I am the nosey one) and congratulations, it is lovely. also I can never tire of looking at pictures of the local scenery, it still brings a lump to my throat.

Again welcome, and hope you have many many years of enjoyment.

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Old 8th January 2005, 21:53   #3 (permalink)
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[8D] Cheer hon.

I would give anything to be living there right now myself but family commitments and financialk restraints keep me here sadly for now.

We do have a action plan for our retirement there and we are counting every day till that arrives, the sooner the better as i honestly feel like im going home when i go there for my holidays.

We will get there eventually and if im honest some days its the only thing that keeps us going.

Thanks for your kind reply and welcome to my heaven on earth lol cheers take care[V].
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Old 8th January 2005, 22:39   #4 (permalink)
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Welcome to the forum Darren, had a look at your pics very nice
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Old 8th January 2005, 23:54   #5 (permalink)
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eileen will become famous soon enough
Welcome to the forum and hey you got the bug now once you come here thats it ,i came 10 years on holiday and now live here, have been here nearly 3years so it cant be that bad
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Old 8th January 2005, 23:58   #6 (permalink)
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eileen will become famous soon enough
Oh and you come from near me i lived in kendal but come from Tebay n'ce to see another northner. lol
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Old 9th January 2005, 04:57   #7 (permalink)
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sharron is on a distinguished road
Hi Darren
I think that i spoke to you some time ago as you were interested in buying in Altinkum?
Love the story by the way
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Old 9th January 2005, 05:41   #8 (permalink)
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Gail is a splendid one to behold Gail is a splendid one to behold Gail is a splendid one to behold Gail is a splendid one to behold Gail is a splendid one to behold Gail is a splendid one to behold Gail is a splendid one to behold Gail is a splendid one to behold
Hi Darren and Lynda, welcome to the forum, what a brill first post, your house is beautiful, you're very lucky. We have got a place in Turkey also as so many of us on here have so you are in excellent company I pine to go back there, I go about 4 times a year and the first time for me this is 16 April and I know you shouldn't wish your life away but April can't come quick enough[]

Look forward to your posts.

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Old 9th January 2005, 21:47   #9 (permalink)
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Hi Darren & Lynda and a warm welcome to you both from Liz and myself.You must be worn out after all that typing lol.We are both from Merseyside originally,but living in North Wales with the sheep for the last 27 years.Just had a viewer round our bungalow. They both seemed very impressed,so fingers crossed Was looking on teletext last night for a holiday in Altinkum,but of course there wasn't much there,as the season doesn't start till May.

We wanted to have a good look around,as to what we could buy and at what price.The sooner we move the better (fed up dodging the bailiffs )joke joke,I'll bugger off now or this post might end up as long as yours ha ha. Rick.
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Old 9th January 2005, 22:52   #10 (permalink)
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Hi Darren and Lynda
What a great job you have done of your website, are you a professional[?]
Your place looks really lovely and makes me even more want to visit over your side, the views are breath taking. We have bought in Altinkum on a complex and really looking forward to our first real holiday in it this June, as each trip has been buying and furniture hunts. Hopefully we will have some photos to show everyone after that trip of our place in the sun and show the true beauty of Turkey to one and all.
Welcome to the forum, look forward to your postings
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