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Old 13th March 2019, 13:51   #891 (permalink)
African refugee
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Re: Syria

Originally Posted by Rose Cole View Post
It's funny when "conspiracy theories" turn out to be the truth. You probably still beleive that Iraq had WMD.

Again of course you are correct – all those warehouses were just food stores in preparation for Brexit.

At least your consistent, I'll give you that. But it never ceases to amaze me the absurd lengths which is taken by some in a vain attempt to salve cognitive dissonance over the mismatch between ideology (Russian ideology?) and reality!(conspiracy theories?)

A senior BBC TV producer, Riam Dilati on 13 February 2019 he tweeted: “after almost 6 months of investigations I can prove without a doubt that the Douma hospital scene was staged.”

Seemingly this indisputable proof has yet to be published – funny init.
Just a thought – if the BBC is fake news why then would you accept the word of a permanently employed BBC staff that manages to take off six months for investigation – producers don’t investigate in the course of their duties, they just produce.

But I do agree - all MSM media should be banned (except Sputnik of course).
A world without honour is a dangerous place
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Old 13th March 2019, 14:57   #892 (permalink)
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Re: Syria

Rose Quote..Ah yes, the good old MSM and the politicians- they never lie, do they?
Rose, You blame the press for reporting it as a "gas attack"or the use of "Chemical Weapons" ( the complaint being it was before the conclusion of evidence, of one by OPCW )

You blame it, but don't take into account there was other evidence apart from Assad's denial coming out of Syria at the time , alleged or otherwise. So you wanted only the denial reported it seems .

You blame it, as if they didn't know Assad has a history of Chemical Weapons use .....You blame it as if Assad hasn't lied before the World Community, in fact he had for years , Lying about making , owning and stockpiling. Chemical Weapons ..

It is only recently he made a self confession , after being caught out. Verified by Russia as guarantor of its supposed destruction.

The press their job is to report with all these in mind , and we all aren't that naive to read it as the Gospel . We know we must make our own judgement call and form an opinion when reading the Press....

Just because you and your conspiracy theorists sites take issue, OK its a free world.. but whilst blaming MSM of bias for balance you must take into account the sites you believe have bias and agendas to fulfill and the difference from MSM many are anonymous and lack both transparency and source funding .

Question asked by ROSE

That leaves chlorine which was found on site.

So I ask you for the last time in the hope I may have missed something- where in the report does it say people were actually killed (or even injured) following exposure to chlorine gas?

We don't need a crystal ball ... to answer the first part of your question on why no mention of injured in the FFM report. They wouldn't be able to report on people they couldn't meet. And why? whisked away by Assad's security . Just read the Assad regime's own reports, they offered the rebels and their families, sick and old safe passage out of Douma before the FFM inspectors arrived, FFM would be unlikely to meet the injured, let alone for them to be examined or give evidence to FFM to appear in the report , but they did give their stories on arrival at the refugee camps when asked (below)

But what we do know is that after that, rebels surrendered and tens of thousands of people boarded buses to be exiled to refugee camps in the north of Syria. NPR correspondent Ruth Sherlock and Beirut producer Lama Al-Arian have gained rare access to northern Syria. They crossed from the Turkish border to hear the stories of people from Douma.

SEENA: (Through interpreter) I called them. They smelled it. My children started to turn blue so we tried to go upstairs to get some air, and then the bombs were shelling us. So we had to go back downstairs, and we had to take some vinegar and rub it in our noses.

SHERLOCK: What did she smell, exactly?

SEENA: (Through interpreter) We smelled as if it was a barrel of chlorine just spilled everywhere.

GREENE: It was the kids who were among those really noticing this first.

SHERLOCK: That's right. So most people were hiding in a basement because of the heavy airstrikes, but some kids had gone upstairs, and they were the first that alerted her to the attack. She says that they started yelling, chlorine, chlorine. I asked her, how did children recognize a chemical attack? She said, these are the children of war. They've experienced this. They know.

GREENE: How did this all fit with other interviews you've been doing?

SHERLOCK: Well, it did seem from the people we met that there was a pattern here. Several people said they were witnesses to the attack. Some of them were still sick. We met Imani (ph), a woman in a medical clinic whose lungs are very damaged. Her condition has worsened since that night, and now she has to go to hospital. And there was a man in a tent who's so ill that he couldn't sit up and was using an inhaler to help him breathe as he spoke to us. Most of the people describe the chemical attack as being chlorine gas. Now, chlorine was not one of the chemical weapons that was removed from Syria by international weapons inspectors a few years ago because it has so many civilian uses. But it's been weaponized often in the war, and in high doses it turns to acid that burns your lungs.

Muslims have to be buried 24hrs after death, the FFM weren't given access to the site for 2 weeks and even then their was an insistence upon they be accompanied by Russian Security Police for their "protection" (I would imagine it would deter any person injured from coming forward to contradict the known killer Assads story of what happened if they hadn't been shipped out already before the visit )

IN Answer to the second part of your Question .....when the FFM asked for specific bodies to be exhumed Assad's Syrian Security wouldn't agree unless set conditions were met, The regime possibly knowing of FFM time constraints due to security concerns. Whatever the reasons, conditions , security or time, the FFM couldn't meet/or decided against the conditions applied by the Regime .... so no exhumation and examination could be made

So one, if Assad was so open to show the World of his innocence why set conditions on exhumation and examination of the bodies by the FFM ? Why not drop the conditions and insist on examination of the bodies , which would prove to the World his Innocence and disgrace his enemies the Rebels ??? That is if he had nothing to hide.

The very acknowledgement that there were bodies to set conditions on, buried bodies under Syrian authority control , naturally suggests that their was dead people . This in part is in the Report you said you read. ....

Last edited by Camden; 13th March 2019 at 17:45..
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