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juco 30th November 2018 23:39

Global compact
Anyone got further info on this, Dec 12th 2018:

This Intergovernmental Conference is convened under the auspices of the General Assembly of the United Nations and held pursuant to the “New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants” (19 September 2016) which decided to launch a process of intergovernmental negotiations leading to the adoption of a global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.

Camden 1st December 2018 00:41

Re: Global compact
Here is the final draft of the Global Compact which is purely non binding guiding principle document, put forward by the UN to 191 countries..

Atkinson own thinking isn't unusual and in line with many from her own grouping in the EU Parliament . She became an Independent member of the European ENF after being expelled from UKIP for "bringing the party into disrepute" ( that must of been a low bar ) ENF is an anti migrant, anti Muslim group in the EU Parliament.... the group which includes Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and from the dark side of Italian politics the new fascist on the block Matteo Salvini. Atkinson is a vocal Tommy Robinson supporter, advocate even taking his case to be heard in the EU parliament ....


Objectives for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration
(1) Collect and utilize accurate and disaggregated data as a basis for evidence-based
(2) Minimize the adverse drivers and structural factors that compel people to leave their
country of origin
(3) Provide accurate and timely information at all stages of migration
(4) Ensure that all migrants have proof of legal identity and adequate documentation
(5) Enhance availability and flexibility of pathways for regular migration
(6) Facilitate fair and ethical recruitment and safeguard conditions that ensure decent work
(7) Address and reduce vulnerabilities in migration
(8) Save lives and establish coordinated international efforts on missing migrants
(9) Strengthen the transnational response to smuggling of migrants
(10) Prevent, combat and eradicate trafficking in persons in the context of international
(11) Manage borders in an integrated, secure and coordinated manner

35pluschips 1st December 2018 01:01

Re: Global compact
Read this today.


tintagel 1st December 2018 02:45

Re: Global compact
More & more countries across the world reject the 'UN Compact Agreement'!

"The United States and Hungary were the first countries to reject the UN’s migration pact. However, many countries have since followed in their footsteps. The pact is primarily criticized because it doesn’t differentiate between legal and illegal migration. Hungarian officials claim it harms sovereignty and legitimizes illegal migration."


Akasya 1st December 2018 10:11

Re: Global compact
I was completely with you Tin, until you mentioned Hungary , i am surprised they did not call for the immediate imprisonment and flogging of anyone involved in drafting the document .

How close can they go to National Socialism and not be called out for what they are .


35pluschips 1st December 2018 13:21

Re: Global compact
I think most of us would agree that some of Orbans comments & actions are uncomfortable to say the least, he is though Hungary's elected leader. He does have one ace in the hole with evidence, how many terror attacks/sexual assaults have happened in Hungary by refugees/migrants/asylum seekers since the mass movement occurred?
The EU/Germany saw fit to suspend the Dublin Agreement, only to scream for it to be reintroduced once Germany realised just how many of these unfortunates were actually getting into Germany. Hungary at that stage was no more than a transit country, once the Dublin Agreement was back online, it meant these unfortunates could well be sent back to port of entry......Hungary, hence border closure.

Rose Cole 3rd December 2018 10:57

Re: Global compact

Originally Posted by Camden (Post 1173467)
Here is the final draft of the Global Compact which is purely non binding guiding principle document, put forward by the UN to 191 countries..

Marcel De Graaf MEP spokesman at the UN Conference said quote:

"And although this joint agreement is non-binding, it is still the legal framework on which the participating countries commit themselves to build new legislation.

One basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of hate speech. The agreement wants to criminalise migration speech. Criticism of migration will become a criminal offence. Media outlets that give room to criticism can be shut down.

It is declaring migration as a human right so it will, in effect, become impossible to criticise Mrs Merkel’s welcome migrants’ policies without being at risk of being jailed for hate speech."

Camden 3rd December 2018 12:41

Re: Global compact
Not unusual that the criticism comes from Marcel de Graff from (Geert Wilders party) the co-chairman with Nicolas Bay (of Marie le pen party)..... of the ENF the far right anti migrant anti Muslim group of the European parliament...

This far right grouping is using the Global Compact as a platform to air their ri anti migrant views. And in doing so twisting the intention and simplifying the text and message to play to peoples base fears and populous audience.

Objective 17 is well intended in wanting to promote evidence based journalism in the public discourse, and when shaping the public's perceptions of migration.

As we all have seen as far back as 2012 there has been warnings that hostile media coverage was fuelling a rise in anti Migrant anti-Muslim hate crime, it was reinforced when the Leveson Inquiry into UK press standards came out and found that there was enough examples of Quote "careless or reckless reporting to conclude that discriminatory, sensational or unbalanced reporting in relation to ethnic minorities, immigrants and/or asylum seekers is a feature of journalistic practice in parts of the press, rather than an aberration”.

The objective calls upon the UN’s 193 member nations to: “Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet based information, including by sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants, in full respect for the freedom of the media”.

Many of the challenges facing journalism – and corroding our public discourse – are global in nature. The Global Compact for Migration creates an opportunity for governments to work together to address these problems, and take an international approach to tackling hatred and supporting high quality journalism. The United Nations human rights framework provides a clear and credible foundation for doing this.

I noticed the Video itself was put out and promoted by the European far right ENF grouping of the EU Parliament. If you want to align yourself with these people Rose ,I am glad you are out of teaching.

35pluschips 3rd December 2018 13:59

Re: Global compact
I reckon members might want to look on YouTube to see the problems at the US/Mexico border. These are mobs trying to crash a border, is that how we all want life to go? If yes then get rid of immigration at Calais.

Kanga 3rd December 2018 15:12

Re: Global compact
The governments of every country have a first duty to protect their citizens and keep the peace. If that includes control or restriction on migrants, legal or not, then I don't see how that can be overridden.
Migrants are a different case from asylum seekers and refugees and are treated differently in law.

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