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BikerBill 1st July 2010 17:14

Round trip to Turkey by Car
We have just completed the trip by car and hope our experience will help if you are thinking of doing it also. Thanks also to previous posters for their help.

We took 4 days (one driving) to go to Altinkum and enjoyed the whole trip. Our route was done on the AA web site which I would not recommend as it gives (in my opinion) too many road numbers and routes so becomes confusing. We had an European map with us and found it easier to identify the one road number and the next major town and go that way. All in all quite easy although some signs give you only one chance.

We drove through France, Switzerland, watch for the Gothard tunnel signs, Italy (down the east coast) to Brindisi, took the day ferry 8 hours and a rest day (European Sealines on the right as you enter the dock area, pay and go) to Igoumenitsa in Greece, on to Ipsala (through the night) to enter Turkey in the morning 7.30am down to Eceabat for the ferry to Canakkale (pay and go) about 1/2 an hour then down to Altinkum arriving at 10.30 pm a little tired and very happy.

We slept in the car on the way as we had all of our possessions with us and used the showers at the service areas. We stopped for an evening meal checked out the showers and if we liked it we slept there and had a good refreshing shower in the morning. Breakfast and off again.

For the entry to Turkey we had a small folder with all the car papers, ownership, insurance etc and passport stuff. We also had a brief list of everything in the car in English with Turkish translation courteousy of Google translate. It was not needed but better to be prepared. The entry into Turkey was the bit we were most apprehensive about but in the end it was very simple and easy. There is a security entry (waved through) to the customs with a parking area so you can sort yourself out. Down stairs from the shopping and duty free there are showers in the toilet area which we used as we had travelled through the night and were quite good.
We had to wait for 2 hours as the computers were down and I had a little sleep while Cath watched until we were ready to go again.
We woke up the insurance sales man who did the business with the green card (white paper with a sticker and stamp) for 90Tl. He went back to sleep and we were on our way. Car written on my passport with stamp. We passed out of the customs area without and scrutiny. We travelled along a short road with guards and on into Turkey. The whole journey was enjoyable even the motorways have some good views mountains lakes, sunflower farms, goat herds and Swiss cottages. There is always something to see.
The costs were, Diesel 183, Channel ferry about 1 hour 75 not booked in advance, French tolls 41, Italian tolls 44, Swiss roads 26, Brindisi to Igoumenitsa ferry 75 about 8 hours normally but but left 1 hour late and took 9, Turkish toll 10TL. That is about 500 for the trip and I am happy with that.

Some general points about driving, I know it is not fair to generalise or brand a nation but this was my experience and it is meant to forewarn not criticise.
The drive was enjoyable but extra care is needed in Italy and Greece. Leaving plenty of space in front of me for slowing down without sudden breaking means little chance of being rear ended by cars travelling too close behind, and they do. It will mean cars will take the space but safety is my priority and I was not in a hurry. They also cut in after overtaking as close to your bumper as they can. They also swerve in and straddle the white line to fill two lanes until they come up to the next car. In Turkey Greece and Italy very few look round before they pull out of an opening or they approach very fast from behind and flash their lights for you to get out of their way. It is not personal it is just the way they drive. If they have a bump it is not a big problem but for foreigners they cannot easily fly out of Turkey if their car is in a garage and recorded on their passport better not to compete with them just remember we are on holiday and let them go.

The return trip was very much the reverse except for Italy where we detoured to do some sightseeing in Naples, Rome and Pisa. We took 7 days and stayed in some nice hotels to make up for the outward journey.
For us it was a journey not to be missed and we had a great holiday as well. Our apartment is furnished and we are ready to book flights back to Turkey.
Bill & Cath

Andy 1st July 2010 17:41

Re: Round trip to Turkey
Nice read Bill/Cath, tell me what car were you driving.

BikerBill 1st July 2010 19:10

Re: Round trip to Turkey
Hi It was a Mercedes A class quite a small car but we took the back seats out completely rather than fold them up and get more space. It was stacked to the roof and we had about 12 vacum pack bags and several boxes. It was a bit overloaded but drove well.

Yali Chick 9th December 2011 09:30

Re: Round trip to Turkey
Hi, was the cost 500 pounds one way?

Spurs 11th December 2011 13:15

Re: Round trip to Turkey
I intend to drive back to the UK in Jan 2012, has anyone done it recently without going through Bulgaria? Also, the last time I done it I went via Chios, its now out of season for the ferries going from there ssssssooooo I am looking for another point (ferry wise) to get me over to Greece or even Italy. Any info would go down well

Pete&Mag 11th December 2011 14:18

Re: Round trip to Turkey
When I last looked at the Brindisi/Igoumenitsa ferry price , it was 166 return for a car with 2 passengers. Was your price of 75 one way or return. And which ferry Company did you use. Obviously this is a year ago now , but I'm gessing the prices wont have changed too much . Pete

Spurs 11th December 2011 15:23

Re: Round trip to Turkey

Originally Posted by Pete&Mag (Post 650012)
When I last looked at the Brindisi/Igoumenitsa ferry price , it was 166 return for a car with 2 passengers. Was your price of 75 one way or return. And which ferry Company did you use. Obviously this is a year ago now , but I'm gessing the prices wont have changed too much . Pete

Where can I get a ferry to Igoumenitsa from Turkey?

stevecarol 11th December 2011 19:25

Re: Round trip to Turkey
There is no ferry from Turkey to Ignoumenitsa, if you want to get there you would have to drive,

Hadden1 28th September 2012 15:58

Re: Round trip to Turkey
That's really nice. A full country trip in you own car. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Well I am also planing to go turkey for visiting purpose. Its awesome. Can you tell me about some good visiting site which are really beautiful and able to visit.

IanYali 1st May 2013 06:37

Re: Round trip to Turkey
Just completed the drive from Bolton to Bodrum with a friend - 2,460 miles.
I have an Audi TT (diesel) and we took 5 days / 4 nights.
used Channel tunnel. We were very early for our booked shuttle but they let us on the next one. Went up to Belgium and across to Luxemburg for first night in Hotel Ibis - visible from motorway. Only traffic problems were next morning (Monday morning on German Autobahn) Traffic cleared as we went towards Munich. Bought Austrian and Slovenian vignettes at a German service station south of Munich. Drove thro Austria and stopped at Hotel Mons just off motorway south of Ljubljana. Not cheap but v nice. Got stopped by Slovenia police as soon as we came out of the tunnel who checked out Vignette and car document.
First border control was leaving Slovenia - they wanted to see the car document. Through Croatia, and Serbia and into Bulgaria where we stopped at Holiday Inn in Sofia.
Traffic in Sofia a nightmare but we could not find a hotel out of town. Needed a Vignette which we bought just over the border after asking at passport control.
Next day thro Bulgaria and crossed into Turkey near Edirne. No big problems at the border. We went thro 6 passport checks. They wanted to see my green card and did a cursory search of the car. Got the ferry to Canakkele (there are many it cost 24TL) and stopped at Hotel Anzac in Canakkele - cheap hotel. Next day drove down to Bodrum.
Insurance. My car is reasonably new so I did not want to rely on third party insurance at border. So I rang around and changed my UK Insurance provider to Liverpool Victoria who would provide a Green card which covered Turkey. They would only cover me 3rd party for Serbia though.
I intend to use the car in Turkey and take it back September/ October time.


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