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zoro 23rd March 2010 18:27

Re: beware the rip offs
Fact the completion date was june 2006,fact some people still don't have Tapu's.Fact debt charges were on the entire site and are probably still on properties without tapu',fact no habitation certs,fact no secure water connections,no waste collections,fact owners can't pay electricity bills to electricity company,fact no receipts,fact we are fed up but we are battling.

akbukhonda 23rd March 2010 21:52

Re: beware the rip offs
Thats right Zoro my dear friend we know the facts and if we let all of you out there know what is happening and it helps someone else from falling into the same abyss then job done ,KEEP SHOUTING from the rooftops .But I also think its about time the Turkish Authorities got involved to find out what seems to be happening in more than one area where are you Turkish Tourist Board ?

Trailblaze 24th March 2010 10:06

Re: beware the rip offs

Originally Posted by Gemma (Post 384400)
This thread just goes to show how fast bad news can travel and how good news or comments just fall by the wasteside. Tess said in a previous post 'this is not a witch hunt' well seems to be getting there to me.
For the people who are quite obviously bitter and disappointed about the project, please remember that it would of been much easier for Sunset to throw in the towel when the english partners quit the project resulting to bankrupting and any money placed in the project lost altogether. Times are very hard worldwide at present and many building companies are now bankrupt taking peoples life savings and dreams away with it.
As for even the title of this thread... How is it a 'Rip off' ? are Sunset taking your money and enjoying it?? or are they trying to keep their heads above water, losing sleep with stress so anyone invested with themselves are seen right in the end.

Had a re-think Gemma your last paragraph interests me the most.

1. It would actually be easier for Sunset Homes to throw in the towel.
Since non of the residents have signed contracts with this company to be there, why are they?

2. What makes you think the English Partners are off the hook?

3. How is a Rip Off?

4. They are keeping their heads above water, losing sleep with stress

This is very interesting - I think you need to explain this further and disclose exactly what you mean.

Trailblaze 24th March 2010 10:19

Re: beware the rip offs
Constructively, based on everything we have discussed - the next steps are:




Will Keep you all posted.

carolk 24th March 2010 10:28

Re: beware the rip offs
Trailblaze, You can find out if the Hab Cert has been applied for at the Belediye.

EVELYNNE 24th March 2010 12:43

Re: beware the rip offs
You will find the Belediye in Akbuk very helpful, they certainly explained very well what i enquired about and encouraged us to keep in touch with them with regard to our hab cert application .

Trailblaze 24th March 2010 13:41

Re: beware the rip offs
Sorry Gemma for being rude earlier. I suppose the possibility of loosing everything I've worked for in life is a constant threat AND I'LL FIGHT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY TO PREVENT IT!.So if you are right Gemma why hav'nt Sunset Homes or Akbuk Developments come forward with reassurance and solutions instead of silence? I am all ears when it comes to resolution.

Publically I want to apologise to my family because I've let them down!

I trusted these 'businessmen' to deliver what I'd paid for as an investment for their future and believed that they had integrity and honour as people (The same qualities I have credited myself with throughout life).

So, Sunset Homes, Akbuk Developments turn this sorry situation around - Its affecting people's lives in a huge way - START TALKING AND STOP THREATENING!

jimskem 24th March 2010 15:57

Re: beware the rip offs
Trailblaze, I have read your posts on here, but the comment you have made
in post [107] in particular is possibly the most heart breaking sentence i have
read on Turkishliving.
I refer to the sentence where you openly apologise to your family.

Although i do not know you, i'm sure you are a decent family man.

Whatever happens in Turkey, i'm sure your family will remain strong, stay

YOU have done nothing wrong, if you blame yourself, then possibly you
will not think clearly when it comes to taking on the conmen and fraudsters.

It is also clear, in my opinon, that Gemma has not realised the effect the
fraudulent activities of the minority has on people.

I say this because using words such as Bitter and Disappointed does not
even come close.

jewel 24th March 2010 16:13

Re: beware the rip offs
Trailblaze I totally agree with jimskem dont YOU DARE blame yourself for what has happened,my heart goes out to you all and if there is any justice you may be able to salvage something.I dont know if you have your Tapu ...if you do then things arn't quite as bad as they could be,and perhaps its just your habitation certificate.If you dont yet have your Tapu then I truly hope that it is on its way to you.Please dont blame yourself your Family will be right behind you but I know it will have caused you untold worry.Keep your chin up and dont give up. jewel x

Guz1 24th March 2010 18:19

Re: beware the rip offs
Couldn't agree more with Jimskem and Jewel.

Trailblaze: Every one of us who bought in Turkey had to place our trust in some emlak, builder or solicitor. Don't go blaming yourself if the person you trusted turned out to be a cheat. If truth be told, it's a minor miracle that a great many more of us didn't lose out.

Forget the apologies, put all self-doubt to the back of your mind and focus on how best to get what you paid for.

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