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Old 6th August 2005, 07:43   #1 (permalink)
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Post $11-Billion 'Floating City' to be Made in Turkey....

The first "floating city", one of the world's largest projects, will be built in Iskenderun, Turkey.

Turkey will supply 80 percent of the construction materials for the Freedom City.

In addition to Turkey, the Bahamas, Venezuela and the Dutch Antilles were also considered as locations for the construction of Freedom City, the first project in its own field of study. Shareholders of the floating city; however, reached a consensus over the Iskenderun Port in Turkey during their last meeting in the US.

A preliminary agreement has been signed with the managers of Isdemir Port, where the construction will located. Turkey's Maritime Under secretariat Ship Construction Department has also announced it approved the project that is planned to start in October 2005. Aydin Eroglu, General Coordinator of the Ankara Nations Capital (ANC), consultant company for the project, described the construction of the ship in Turkey as a "big advantage for the country". Eroglu says the floating city will be the biggest world-wide project Turkey has ever undertaken so far, and therefore has great value in terms of the promotion of Turkey.

Construction works of the biggest man made floating object dates back to 12 years ago. The name of the project earlier referred to as the "Freedom Ship" was changed to "Freedom City" in June. Financing of the project is being met by "Compasei AG" who has shares in prominent US and European banks. Owner of the American Express card, the firm finances more than 30 projects in Turkey. As the ANC is the advising company for the project, the US firm "Freedom Ship International" will undertake the design and construction works. A chief engineering company will be decided on and about 60 firms with a $200-milion budget each will execute the construction works. Freedom City will be built to look like a giant city.

It is expected to provide employment for thousands of workers, and when construction is complete, it is expected to weigh three million tons. The notion of such a floating object on this scale is a first in the history of shipbuilding.

The Titanic, which stuck an iceberg during its maiden voyage, was 289.5 meters long, and the length of the super tanker Jahre Viking, the biggest floating object ever built, is 493 meters.

Freedom City; however, will be 1,417 meters long when complete, with a width of 246 meters and a height of 114,8 meters. This translates into the creation of a ship that is about four times the size of the world's current largest floating object, the Jahre Viking. How such a massive ship moves through storms and dangerous ocean conditions; however, cannot be predicted using current technology.

The floating city will be constructed not in a dry dock but on the sea because conventional shipbuilding techniques are not sufficient for the construction of such an enormous vessel. The most appropriate location for the construction was determined as Iskenderun Port. This port was planned to be used as a US logistic base during the second Iraq War and its foundations had been recovered to serve this purpose. The creator of this project is the US citizen, Norman Nixon. Nixon first planned to develop a floating island around the Caribbean; however, as he progressed with his project, he had understood that it could have been transformed into a huge ship traveling around the world. Nixon says they would be the architects of a new culture when they will have finished the project.

The ship's construction engineer, Paul Kidwell emphasizes an uneconomic investment would be a time loss. Kidwell noted taht investors had initially said that this was a humongous ship that could not be constructed; however, they later became convinced.

Its construction will be completed in 3.5 years

Steel costing $4 billion will be used in the construction of the giant floating city. The total cost of all equipment and materials to be used in the construction will amount to around $1 billion. It is recorded that 16,000 staff members will be employed on the ship, which is expected to be completed in 3.5 years and be operated by a crew of 3,000.

The ship's construction plans to accommodate of 108,000 people, it will have an open-air park covering more than 450,000 square meters, in addition to the entertainment complex and other social facilities.

Around 13,000 visitors are expected to visit the ship daily.

The floating city that will travel around the world at a speed of seven nautical miles in international waters will also have a two-runway airport. There will be 18,000 apart houses, 3,000 commercial fields, 2,400 time-share holiday flats and 10,000 hotel rooms on board. Three or more ferryboats will be ready to provide their services to up to 30,000 people.

Preventive medicine services will be given in the first class health facilities, and for those who plan to continue their education, there will be expertise education and schools in the related countries when necessary. The giant settlement unit will be powered by 10 engines, which are able turn around 360 degree independently and operate on nuclear energy.

There will also be a purification system on the ship, which will turn seawater into clean drinking water.

The price of a 100 square meter house is $2 million

ANC General Coordinator Aydin Eroglu said a Danish company will provide consultation services for the accommodation price, the sale of flats, and the price for the airstrip on the ship. There is also a fair and exhibition area of more than 300,000 square meters that will be open throughout the year. Whichever country the ship travels to, the companies operating in those countries that want to exhibit their products can participate. To spend a single night in the hotel, will cost nearly $100, and for those who plan to stay on board the floating city, nearly 30 planes will land and take off daily. TV and newspapers advertisements will be run in the countries that the ship will be traveling to, this allow residence of these countries the chance to book a stay on the floating city. In addition, the ship has a port for those who chose to meet it using their own sea transportation. On average, the ship has around 10,000 apartments and the cost of a 100 square meters flat is about $2 million. Since the ship will only be able to moor away from land at distance of 12 miles, selling products to the ship is considered an export; no tax is paid on these products.

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Old 28th October 2008, 00:37   #2 (permalink)
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Re: $11-Billion 'Floating City' to be Made in Turkey....

Originally Posted by CrashTester
did this ever get built? ive certainly never seen anything about it.
we might have spotted it if it was!

sounds like another of those pipe dream projects that, if they are not in the Arab world, never get started
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Old 28th October 2008, 01:09   #3 (permalink)
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Re: $11-Billion 'Floating City' to be Made in Turkey....

There is a ship called The World and it has a web Really ultra plush you can buy a suite on it, Mega expensive!Ok for a lottery win hehe
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$11billion , city , floating , made , turkey

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