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Uzumlu Old Boy 11th November 2016 09:40

The Last Post

IbrahimAbi 11th November 2016 10:08

Re: The Last Post
Could have done with that yesterday at 09:05

Uzumlu Old Boy 11th November 2016 10:32

Re: The Last Post

Originally Posted by IbrahimAbi (Post 1082607)
Could have done with that yesterday at 09:05


IbrahimAbi 11th November 2016 10:43

Re: The Last Post
Commemorate the passing of our great Turkish leader

saoirse 11th November 2016 10:44

Re: The Last Post
I thought you meant Trump getting elected

IbrahimAbi 11th November 2016 10:46

Re: The Last Post
He won't last the course, not worth getting worked up about.

bickern 11th November 2016 10:47

Re: The Last Post
The sound of a lone bugler playing the Last Post has become one of the most distinctive sounds in the world. Eerie and evocative, it exists beyond all the usual barriers of nation, religion, race and class, charged with the memory of generations of the fallen. But it wasn't always like this.

The Last Post was first published in the 1790s, just one of the two dozen or so bugle calls sounded daily in British Army camps.

"At that time soldiers didn't have wristwatches, so they had to be regulated in camp," says Colin Dean, archivist at the Museum of Army Music in Kneller Hall. "They had to have a trumpet call or a bugle call to tell them when to get up, when to have their meals, when to fetch the post, when to get on parade, when to go to bed and all other things throughout the day."

The soldier's day started with the call of Reveille, and came to a close with the First Post. This indicated that the duty officer was commencing his inspection of the sentry-posts on the perimeter of the camp. The inspection would take about 30 minutes, and at the end there would be sounded the Last Post, the name referring simply to the fact that the final sentry-post had been inspected. For decades this was the sole use of the call, a signal that the camp was now secure for the night, closed till morning.

It was not until the 1850s that another role began to emerge. It was an era when many military bandsmen, and most bandmasters, were civilians and were under no obligation to accompany their regiments on overseas postings. So when a soldier died in a foreign land, there was often no music available to accompany him on his final journey. And, necessity being the mother of invention, a new custom arose of charging the regimental bugler to sound the Last Post over the grave.

The symbolism was simple and highly effective. The Last Post now signalled the end not merely of the day but of this earthly life. And, as the practice developed - back home now as well as abroad - it was then followed by few moments of silent prayer and by the sounding of Reveille, the first call of the day, to signify the man's rebirth into eternal life.

A further dimension was added in the first years of the 20th Century. The end of the Boer War saw the rise of war memorials across the country, some 600 of them. This was a break with the past. The traditional British way of commemorating a victory was to erect a statue to the general or the commander. But these monuments listed the names of the dead, both officers and other ranks, the men the Duke of Wellington was said to have called "the scum of the earth".

There was a new mood of democracy abroad and the war memorials reflected this. And every time a memorial was unveiled, it was to the sound of the Last Post being played, now the symbol not only of death but of remembrance.

HG Wells said [World War One] was 'a people's war', and the Last Post became the people's anthem

The story of the Last Post - BBC News

eliza 11th November 2016 13:35

Re: The Last Post
The Duke of Wellington also said
"Nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won", I certainly agree with him there ...

TNT123 12th November 2016 08:00

Re: The Last Post
Always thought the Last Post ıs brıllıant.Went to a funeral a few years ago and the last post was played by the Bagpıpes,blow me away.The Last Post ın the fılm Amerıcan Snıper came a very close second.

martin m 12th November 2016 19:11

Re: The Last Post
Being a ex squaddie in the Royal Green Jackets I had the pleasure of being serenaded every evening at 2200Hrs by the duty Bugler, and though I would have liked to post one of them doing that I came across this and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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